New Google Maps Street View Features

Google Maps update offers some great features for users. Google Maps is something with which everyone is familiar. There is Google Maps App as well which is used on mobile devices.

New Google Maps Street View Feature

Most people are not aware of the services that are being offered by these free applications.

Some of the features of these Google Services are as follows:

Google Maps is not the only mapping product available from Google. Google Earth is also a popular service but there are many features that are available in it that you won’t be able to find in Google Maps. It is also imperative to download Google earth application if you want to use it.

There are Google Maps updates available but since Google Earth is a PC based application its interface is more refined. Google Earth also offers an opportunity to explore Polar Regions of the planet. You can also discover moons and even Mars.

New Google Maps offers the street view feature which works in 3D. When you want to turn on the 3D function, you should press T or 3. However, if you are using the MapsGl mode, you will not be able to turn on the 3D function.

Google Maps Street View Gif

There is a flight simulator feature added in Google Earth that allows user to see the planet from a different and unique perspective. All you need to do is select ‘Enter Flight Simulator’ and then select an aircraft. You will also be needed to understand the controls of the aircraft that you have chosen. A help screen for the simulator is also available.

Google Maps is not simply for the purpose of exploring the surface of the planet. One can also go under the surface and explore two location underground. These include the Akiyoshi-do in Japan and well as some parts of the Amazonian rain forests.

Another very important feature of Google Maps is that it allows you to see the traffic condition of many parts of the United Kingdom in real time. The roads are colored as per the amount of traffic on them.

There is one downside to the Google Maps. People believe that it is a universal application that will allow them to see every place.

However, there are no detailed maps available for many places like North Korea and others. In all these places a user can only see some roads and images from satellite. There are some places in the West where details are not available.

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