New Google Nexus Phone Cases offer amazing customizing features

The ‘Live Cases’ are available for Google Nexus phone users and allows them to customize them according to their own preferences

New Google Nexus Phone Cases offer amazing customizing features

Since our phones represent our personalities in modern times, the importance of a case is enhanced many times. Of course, the main purpose of a phone is to protect the phone from falling over the sidewalk and shattering into bits and pieces doing away with all our contacts, plans and adorable memories.

But a case serves another purpose: it adds uniqueness to the phone and renders it more personal to the user. New Google phone cases are being introduced by the company.

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These cases are much more interesting than the average cases that are simply snapped on over the phone. Google calls them ‘Live Cases’. The actual case is as cool as its name owing to its ability to interact with your phone.

When one of these live cases is snapped onto a Google Nexus phone, it will be customized with an animated wallpaper. The case also features a button that can be set up by the user for launching any application.

The new Google phone case is available in a single shape for each Nexus phone, however, its look can be easily customized to conform to the liking of the user. Google allows the user to print any map or picture over the case.

Several tools are also provided for customizing the case with any color scheme or filter. The animated wallpaper of the ‘Live Case’ will be directly affected by the choices of the user.

The ‘Live Case’ was initially created for Nexus 6, however, they were available in very limited numbers. A person had to be into Skrillex if he wanted have one. Now, however, Google has made available this new version which is much more appealing to any Nexus user who wants to protect his / her device.

Google is committed to offering its customers with unlimited opportunities to the users when it comes to using their ‘Live Cases.’ Google’s long-term vision for Android phones encompasses a profound sense of personalization of the cell phone.

It won’t be long before purchasing a phone will be like making your own clothes for you that fit your exactly right. The ‘Live Case’ is priced at 35 dollars. It is available for several devices like the Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, and Nexus 6P.

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