Fitness Model Jennifer Nicole Lee Reveals Her Body Secrets

The fitness models worked very hard to achieve this figure, and even harder to maintain it. It was almost ten years ago that fitness model Jennifer Nicole Lee managed to shed 70 pounds off her body.

Fitness model Jennifer Nicole Lee reveals her Body Secrets

The model would occasionally treat her fans as well as everyone else to rear displays of her killer body. There is no missing the 39 year old fitness model as she frolics on the shores in flimsy clothes. Her most favored clothes or its semblance, are bikini bottoms paired with neon string and a black bandeau top.

Jennifer would add a touch of glamour to her sexy body with the help of a gold chain that loops around her entire waistline. A matching necklace will complete the sexy look.

A mere sight of the model parading about on the coast is enough to turn people’s’ heads. Even when she dips down in the water, it becomes clear that the ocean is not enough to cool her down.

Jennifer Nicole Lee works very hard to maintain this great figure. She would perform a series of squats, work with dumbbells, and workout for hours. Later, she would also do cardio exercises by jumping rope.

Keeping her body in shape is the very first priority of the exquisite model who managed to lose 70 pounds after becoming a mother for the second time. She told a famous news channel that she wants to prove that women can be mothers and still remain sexy and attractive.

During another interview, the sexy model talked about her almost impossible weight loss. She said that she was confident that she will do it. And because she was confident, she managed to accomplish this goal. Of course, it took some time but it was done.

Fitness model Nicole Lee has also entered into the fashion scene. Recently, she unveiled a clothing line that also includes swimsuits and active wear.

The model says that these projects are giving her more confidence, stamina and energy. With the incredible weight loss story to her credit, she gets all the inspiration she needs. It provides help in every aspect of her life.

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