Top 11 Fat Burning Ab Exercises

We give here the top 11 fat burning ab exercises which are helpful to make your strong abs. You can do these simply by yourself. There is no need to go for Gym for hard exercises. Let’s check these top 11 fat burning ab exercises.

Fat Burning Ab Exercises:

Top 11 Fat-Burning Ab Exercises

Bridge Opposite Arm-Leg Reaches:

You can do it simply, one of the fat burning ab exercises. Lie down and lift your legs up. Keep your arms from your sides. Raised your legs right and arms from your left side without moving your hips or shoulders, now do this step again.

Bridge opposite arm-leg reaches

Low-Belly Legs Reach:

It’s the main target to make your corset and six-pack. Lie down and bent your knees to 90 degree. Keep your hands behind and contracted your abs, staying knees heap over hips, raise shoulders and crunch up breathe in and hold for 3-5 seconds.

Low-belly legs reach


Lie on your back with knees bent as a 90 degree angle. Makes tighten your abs when to inhale and raised your hands up and back of a head.


Donkey Kickbacks:

It is also one of the 11 fat burning abs exercises. Go down on your knees on all fours, toes put under, staying your back neutral. Describe your belly into your spine as you pact your abs and raise both knees about 2 inches off the land.

Donkey kickbacks

Advanced Leg Crunches:

Lie down on your back and bent down your knees and grasp dumbbell between your feet. Put your palms down, under your sitting bones. Intent on your lower abs uses them to get your knees into your chest as lifting your hips, shoulders and head slightly.

Advanced leg crunches

Ana Caban’s Belly Blaster:

Lie down keeping bent your knees. Hold dumbbells on your both hands. Lift your left leg with and keep your bent. And also, move the dumbbells outside of your legs. After it join your legs and lift the weight up.

Ana Caban’s belly blaster

Oblique Driving-Knee Crunch:

Lie down on a ball with the distance of on the floor and hips. Put your right hand at the back of your head and your left fingertips on the floor for balance.

Oblique driving-knee crunch

Scale Pose:

Sit in the comfortable position on mat balancing with your hands. Tighten your pelvic floor, push into your hands, and raise your whole lower body off the mat. Take 3 breaths and lie down.

Scale Pose

Boats Pose:

Sit on the floor with the help of your feet, bent knees and keep your hands own your knees for balance. Raised your chest, shoulders back and concentrate your lower ab and lift it until they are parallel to the floor.

Boats pose

Cross-Leg Diagonal Crunch:

Lie down straight with the support of your back. Keep your chest still and raise your hips and move to the right side and straight your legs again. Curve your left knee it cross it over the right leg. Crunch up, and then come take back.

Cross-leg diagonal crunch

Tone-it V Holds:

Sit on the floor and bent your knees. Grasp your base of thighs with both hands, hinge back, and raise feet until lower legs are similar to the floor; free hands.

Tone-it V holds

Make straight legs and get to for your toes; hold for 8 breaths. These 11 fat burning exercises are great for making abs. you can easily build your abs. Try all these exercises you have to see amazing result.

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