What Makes Kate Upton So Hot

The buxom hot swimsuit model has all the qualities that render her hotter than most.

What Makes Kate Upton So Hot

On Wednesday Kate Upton was spotted with her pooch Harley as both of them prepared to fly to L.A. together. The 23 year old model had a very generous smile covering her face as she walked like a biker chic in a leather jacket.

A pair of ankle boots completed her look. Her hair was made in a casual manner. The unblemished complexion of the model was only enhanced by a pick coat of blush. It’s a pity that she had chosen to cover her blue eyes with dark shades.

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No doubt, the model was in very high spirits with a radiant smile on her face. There is very little doubt that Kate Upton is one hot lady.

The American model and actress is known for her hot pics in the Swimsuit Issues of the Sports illustrated magazine. She had also been named as the magazine’s Rookie of the year right after she made her first appearance in it.

Another compliment to the model’s undeniable sex appeal is that she had been the cover model of Sports Illustrated for two issues in 2012 and 2103. This is not all, Upton has also appeared in successful films like Tower Heist and The Other Woman.

There is no denying the fact that Kate Upton possesses a hot figure which is the envy of every girl. However, other things that add up to her sex appeal is the fact that she works quite hard to maintain her hourglass figure.

The young model is regularly seen coming out of the local gym in California. The swimsuit star usually wears clothes that not only highlight her slender figure, but also enhance her derriere.

The hot model adorns most of the high fashion editorials. Even when she is not wearing heavy make-up, her natural beauty is visible to all onlookers.

What renders Kate Upton hotter than most of her contemporaries is the fact that despite indulging in such vigorous workout, one is unable to find even a single hint of blemish on her skin.

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  • She appears to have natural breasts. Any woman with natural breasts is hotter than the same woman with fake breasts.