Lingerie Model Ashley Graham Cover Of Latest Maxim Issue

The plus size lingerie model Ashley Graham, adorns the front page of the Maxim magazine in a flimsy button down shirt with nothing underneath

Lingerie Model Ashley Graham Cover Of Latest Maxim Issue

This year has been very good for Ashley Graham so far. First of all, she adorned the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine’s Swimsuit edition. Second, she also worked with DReeben, Addition Elle, and Forever 21,and now the plus size model is inching towards another milestone; the cover of Maxim.

The April issue of the famous magazine will display a picture of Ashley Graham in a nude cover photo (or almost such). The picture shows Graham in a button-down shirt. Apparently, the model is wearing nothing underneath the shirt.

A few hours spent with Ashley Graham will make you understand that it is not the fashion editorials and advertising campaigns of major brands that have made her so famous. Rather, there are some great qualities about her that have rendered her an extremely desirable woman and thus, Maxim’s insistence on her covers for Maxim’s latest issue.

The first good thing about her is her visage. It simply arrests the gaze of the onlooker with some serious high cheekbones, unblemished olive skin and full lips that seem almost impossible.

At first sight, she looks like an amalgam of all the good qualities of some of the most famous models of yesteryears. Her long eyelashes and charcoal eyes coupled with tousled brownish hair only serve to amplify her beauty.

Ashley is bold, beautiful, and she is brilliant. The lingerie model and businesswoman has more than a million followers on Instagram on which she posts one photo after another of her great body in the skimpiest of outfits whether it is a black bra or a barely visible bikini. She recently stated with a laugh:

“My life, lately, is naked.”

Ashley Graham possesses the presence and the curves, and can afford to be naked. But, her immense sex appeal has not hindered the way to becoming a successful entrepreneur. 28 year old Ashley Graham is best known for the billboard pictures which pertained to Lane Bryant’s ‘I’m No Angel’ advertisement campaign.

Ashley Graham has spent 16 years in the fashion industry. She is currently planning to create a fitness program besides becoming an author. When it comes to Ashley Graham, sky is not the limit.
Her latest Maxim cover reveals just that.

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