Kaley Cuoco Covers Wedding Tattoo After Split With Husband

The highest paid actors Kaley Cuoco, says her marriage with Ryan Sweeting was a mistake.

Kaley Cuoco covers wedding tattoo after split with husband

The past few months have been pretty rough and bizarre for Kaley Cuoco. Her marriage of 18 months was ruined and ended in a split between her and tennis star Ryan Sweeting.

The star of the ‘Big Bang Theory’ is regarded as one of the highest paid actors on TV. Recently, she talked to Ellen DeGeneres about her high-speed romance. She also revealed how she had hidden her wedding date tattoo on her back.


Kaley Cuoco revealed that she was getting divorced. The previous year had been very hectic for her. However, it was something that everyone goes through.

The 30 year old actress was confident that the current year will be much better for her compared to the previous year. She stated that things had taken a good turn and she was feeling much better now, and in a much better place.

It wasn’t a very short stint like the one with Chris Humphries and Kim Kardashian but Kaley did cringe when she was asked how long she had been with the sportsman. She hid her face within her lap and said that she had been married for more than one and a half years which is not such a short period!

In order to remember the date of her wedding the actress, who is also known by the name of Penny Hofstadter, had tattooed it on her back. Unlike her marriage, the ink on her skin seems permanent.

Kaley Cuoco said that after the announcement of the split due to irreconcilable differences between husband and wife, she had tried to hide the tattoo with the image of moth. In Australia, the moth is considered as pest.

The actress agreed that getting a tattoo of the wedding date was a mistake, and she needed to cover it. Kaley Cuoco shared a picture of the cover up with her fans on a social media website. She captioned a joke with the snap:

“The deep, meaningful, larger than life meaning behind this beautiful piece of ink, is…..it covered the last one.”

Kaley Cuoco is allegedly dating Sam Hunt.

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