Google to Introduce Android Pay in the UK

The mobile payment service will compete with the Apple Pay. Google is introducing its mobile payment service for Android pay in the United Kingdom

Google to Introduce Android Pay in the UK

The move is sure to bring Google’s Android Pay into competition with a rival system by Apple. Google Android Pay will offer an opportunity to the users of smartphones to take advantage of the payment apps that are provided by financial institutions, banks, credit card companies and retail shops.

Users can either buy goods directly or use the websites of the seller.The Google Android Pay service will support Visa and MasterCard as well as several banks in the United Kingdom including the Halifax, M&S Bank, MBNA, Lloyds, HSBC, First Direct and the Bank of Scotland.

Analysts think that the UK is a very attractive market for this product owing to the increasing number of Smartphone owners who a getting familiar with novel ways of making payments for products. UK is also a country that has a comparatively high number of retailers and other outlets that are equipped with the necessary tools required for carrying out mobile payments.

Google Android Pay will allow users to make payments in shops. A wide range of outlets currently support this technology. It can also be used for making payments in buses, trains and tubes. Android pay was introduced in America during the previous year in September. The group claims that it is signing more than a million registered users every month.

Apple is the pioneer in this market. It started the trend by launching Apple Pay last year in United Kingdom. Alternative ways for using the Android Smartphone for making payments are also available including the platforms that have been developed by Samsung.

These platforms can only be used on Samsung devices. Millions of people possess Android phones currently in the United Kingdom but only a small fraction of those people have enabled fingerprint sensors that can render mobile payments quicker and secure.

Comparatively, around half of the 19 million iPhone users have enables fingerprints for Apple Pay. There is little doubt that Apple Pay is the pioneer in mobile payments market.

One of the advantages that Apple had was the ability to use the wider Apple payment network including the iTunes Payment. Google, however, lags behind in this arena. That is why comparatively lesser number of Android users has embraced the mobile payment phenomenon.

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