Top 10 Technology Inventions Of All Time

Starting from wheel and paper, technology makes progress beyond imagination. Now a days, the technology ideas which were just imagines in novels have become a significant part of our lives. Let’s take a look at top 10 technology inventions of all time.

Top 10 Technology Inventions Of All Time

1: Printing Press:

Printing press is a very important invention of today’s world. It gives knowledge to billions of people in the world. Printing press includes newspapers and books for this purpose. Now you can work as an editor or composer by using your computer. Because of these features it is included in top 10 technology inventions of all time.

2: Cellular phones:

It is a well-known fact that communication is a key to success. Now look at the today’s cellular phones and their offerings to the mankind. These smart phones can do things beyond your imagination. You have access anything on your finger prints.

3: Personal Computers:

Personal computers developed the world in an incredible way. Now, you can’t do anything without computers. You don’t have to go outside to check your emails or stuff. You can do all such things by sitting on your couch and using your personal computer. Because of these facilities it is included in the list of top 10 technology inventions of all time.

4: Internet:

Internet has changed the world more than any other technology. That is why it is present in top 10 technology inventions of all time. Its participation towards the good of mankind is remarkable. You can make deals and do online shopping though internet.

5: Remote Controls:

Remote controls allow you to operate your gadgets without moving from your couch. They make things convenient for people. Use your TV or move slideshows with the help of remote controls.

6: Camera:

Cameras are capable of capturing your precious moments. Now you can capture pictures with 360 degree angles. Moreover, you can share these pictures instantly on social media.

7: GPS:

This is the most unbelievable technology. It will guide you about your destination in the whole world.

8: Microwave:

Microwave allows you to prepare your food in it. You can place it in your room or kitchen and eat hot food in a very less time.

9: Aeroplane:

Aeroplanes are used for travelling. These high technology gadgets have made our lives advanced and progressive. You can travel to any part of the world just in few hours.

10: Video Conferences:

Video conference have unbelievable features. You can make calls through internet. Now watch the next person even if he is 1000 of miles away from you. You your mobile phones or tablets to make video calls.


These are the top 10 technology inventions of all time. You can’t live without them. By excluding these technology inventions from your life, you will not be able to get any updates about world.

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