Reasons Why Android Phones Slow Down And How to Boost Them

It is inevitable that your android phone has slowed down over time.  The reasons for such slow down can be identified and resolved to boost you phones! First let us understand the common reasons why android phones slow down and then we can go through how to resolve each such reason and boost your phone making it good as new.

Reasons Why Android Phones Slow Down


Unlike Apple products, android phones are more open to the internet enabling them to download directly without any special permission from the user. This vulnerability leaves the device open to virus and hackers. This slows down the speed of your android device significantly and also your data is not protected anymore. Many such viruses are in the form of apps which slow down your phone instantaneously, when this happens delete the app immediately.  How you could detect the presence of the virus or a hacker is by observing the data usage. In any particular month if you feel that there has been a significant spike in the data usage for no particular month, your phone has probably been attacked.

Delete suspicious apps and get yourself good anti-virus software.

Overload of apps:

With new and interesting apps hitting the Playstore every day, you are highly likely to download everything and explore them. The problem is that, though you download all the ones that sound interesting most of us don’t bother to delete the apps that we won’t really use or don’t like after using them initially. These apps form a load on your processor and deter it from performing other functions. Some of these apps continue to run in the background, dragging down the speed of your processor. This is a reason why your android phones slow down. To boost them, uninstall those apps you won’t really use but is forming a load on your processor and those apps that will run in the background all the time.

Updates to Operating Systems And Apps:

With newer and more efficient software being developed, we are unlikely t use the same software that came with the device when we bought it. There are continuous updates to the operating software which has to be updated multiple times. Whereas the software that came with your device was compatible with your device, the updates released might not be always compatible especially after the initial few ones. They are better suited for newer devices with which they were released. The same applies to apps as well. The apps tend to get heavier with consequent updates and slow down your processor. This is another reason why android phones slow down. There is not much one could do about the operating software update, you can however opt for lighter apps and mitigate the slow down.

So, the reasons for why androids slow down and the solution how to boost them are quite simple and there is much one could do to avoid it.

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