Android Vs iOS? The Better Operating System

All of us have at some point been a part of this topic of discussion, at least as mute spectators. Which is the better operating system the more widely used Android or the operating system of the select few, iOS?

Android Vs iOS

Android Vs iOS?

To bring down the debate to a few objective factors Android would be the better choice and here’s why:

1:  File sharing and drag-and-drop:

The most inconvenient thing about using iOS device is that it does not allow users to share media or any other file through Bluetooth, like the users of Android can. Files can be conveniently shared only with other iOS users. What with majority of the users being Android users, this is really disadvantageous for users of Apple devices.

Another put off is the lack of the drag-and-drop option while syncing. Anything that has to be synced has to be routed through iTunes.

2:  Personalisation:

Android is said to be more user friendly with users being able to personalise their phones.  They can hide apps, use better widgets and arrange their apps to their convenience. iOS still runs on the old stacking apps arrangement which is quite an old way of doing things.

3:  Maps:

Despite the improvement from the disaster that accompanied the launch of Apple Maps in iOS 6, Google maps fares much better to date. The interesting option of routes and options available to various modes of transport like the bus is something that is missing in iOS.

4:  External Storage:

Apple does not provide an option to its users to mount external memory space with the use of SD cards. The internal memory that comes with the phone, although higher than most Android phones is all the user has. On an Android device, if the user feels the need for more space can more often than not buy an external SD card, expanding the storage space on his device.

5:  Multiple User Support:

Android provides support for multiple users. iOS is a one person device. On android, multiple accounts can be set up, enabling others in your family to use the same device.

6:  Affordability:

Though Apple has brand value and an image that goes with it, the value for money and the price-product correlation is much better on an Android device. The range of devices using android is vast from basic model users to high end devices.  This is a prime cause as to why Android is more popularly used.

As the debate about the better operating system, Android iOS is an everlasting one, you could shortlist a few essential features you require from your device and decide for yourself. Listed above are those ones that most would look at.

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