The Underrated Importance of LinkedIn in Your Business

Being specialized in business and professional networking, the importance of LinkedIn is surely far less discussed and explored. Unlike Facebook, it is a platform where people are sharing just their professional profiles seeking opportunities of reciprocal benefits. Besides its innate design of optimizing the scope and ease of business networking, it has not yet been adequately utilized.

The Underrated Importance of LinkedIn in Your Business

There are five important things that one needs to consider for reaping the benefits of this professional networking platform.

  1. Consider your profile as an opportunity to introduce yourself to the world as a brand. The title of your profile should clearly tell what you can offer not just your recent position in the company. Include all necessary details of your work experience in briefly. Your profile should be written in formal language free from any grammatical and spelling errors. Display a headshot picture of yourself reflecting a pleasant personality.
  2. Be very careful in who you are inviting to join your network because LinkedIn will keep suggesting you the type of people you have invited. You can add people considering your possible business needs of human resource, people who might be of some assistance to you in achieving your goals, your possible customers, etc.
  3. Join groups based on causes where you can help and earn lots of free ambassadors promoting your brand. Joining groups where members fit your customer profile enhances your reach but don’t turn off people by spams, instead write useful informative content that help people buy wisely and build trust on you. If you find a gap create your own group around a cause or need but be regular in posting good relevant content.
  4. Don’t just keep adding people. Develop a connection with people by writing short purposeful personalized messages occasionally. Don’t intrude people’s privacy by overdoing or imposing yourself on them, instead seek their advice in what they are good at and offer your support where you can. Endorse people you want to know. But write recommendations for only those you already know. Write personalized messages to congratulate people on their achievements.
  5. Join company pages especially if you are dealing in B2B products. It will keep you informed about most of your clients’ activities and upcoming plans.

Importance of LinkedIn is undeniable as it can get you leads but be sure to have a powerful website to surprise the traffic that LinkedIn directs towards you.

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