Top 10 Best Ever Android Apps for Smartphones

Our Top 10 Best Ever Android Apps ranking is based on:

  • Popularity – how many people have downloaded it?
  • Utility – how important is the purpose that an app is serving?
  • Reliability – does it always function properly?
  • Compatibility – how many devices it is compatible with?

Top 10 Best Ever Android Apps

1: Gmail:

Gmail is an email services that provide 15 GB free storage space.

2: Google Maps:

Google maps allows you to find locations, distances and traveling time from one place to another, get directions to destinations, find nearby public or commercial buildings, see inside images of the buildings, and more.

3: YouTube:

YouTube is a video sharing app. Users can also have their own video blogs or video channels or subscribe to others channels.

4: Facebook:

Facebook is a social networking website that allows you to interact with people in many ways such as communicating through text, images, videos, and also networking by using apps of common interest such as games.

5: Google Search:

Google Search is the most used search engine. Besides searching for text, images and videos it also allows you to find synonyms, unit conversions, weather forecasts, time zones, etc. covering 22 important features making it in our Top 10 Best Ever Android Apps list.

6: WhatsApp Messenger:

WhatsApp is a messenger that allows you to switch from sms or phone call to WhatsApp to send text, photo, video or audio message or do live chat.

7: Avast Mobile Security and Antivirus:

Avast is an antivirus that protects your android smartphone from viruses, malware, infected files, spyware, etc. It also help protect your privacy.

8: Google Play Music:

Google Play Music is a radio that plays radio stations of your mood and choice and also allows you to save up to 50000 songs on the internet and listen them whenever you like.

9: Evernote:

Evernote enables you to take notes along with all necessary sources such as attaching photos, video or audio files, and also add reminders. It is synched with cloud so all your data remain save and accessible on other devices.

10: Mint:

Mint is your very user friendly finance manager that helps you record and track your income and spending, help you make budget, foresee bills, get relevant reminders, etc.

Among many useful apps our careful selection included only those that qualifies all our evaluation factors of Top 10 Best Ever Android Apps.

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