Kim Being Pregnant Misses her Pre-pregnancy Skinny Body

We believe that Kim being pregnant looks incredibly racy but she seems to be in a different mindset as she discloses her fans about her desperately missing her body when she was ‘skinny’ before pregnancy in an old pic recently posted on Instagram.

Kim Being Pregnant Misses her Pre-pregnancy Skinny Body

Kim Kardashian is delivering her baby in few weeks and get in her previous body form. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has already 2-year-old daughter and she is on her way to second child which is a boy. It seems she is missing her pre-baby shape. She posted an old picture which perhaps was taken even before the birth of her daughter North West. To us she looks fabulous and the ways she looks these days is beautiful. Kim being pregnant redefines its beauty as she looks stylish and natural, so we assume she is not worried about her temporary pregnancy weight gain.

Kim Being Pregnant Misses her Pre-pregnancy Skinny Body

Kim posted about her missing of her skinny self along with a sexy photo: #TBT skinny dayz #imissu.” Well we can feel that it’s not just the weight gain which is bothering her it’s something else which is upsetting her. Kim’s pregnancy is categorized “high risk” as she is suffering from placentaaccreta, a condition in which ones placenta grows in and around the uterus. She suffered it when she was pregnant 2 years before with North and she thought she’d not get pregnant again. She has not been hiding having preeclampsia, that results her body holding lots of water. This situation also makes her body swell in feet and some other places.

There is no doubt that Kim looks spotless whether pregnant or not. We adore her childbearing style and it clearly seems that she’s definitely calmer on her current pregnancy. Kim Kardashian had a splendid Beverly Hills type baby shower and a wonderful surprise bash on her 35th birthday, life for her doesn’t change much in her pregnancy days a celebrations remained there.

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