iPhone SE Review: Small Size Big Performance

Apple has come up with the new iPhone SE which may be the kind of instrument people have been waiting for

iPhone SE Review: Small Size Big Performance

When it comes to smartphones these days, most of them are available in only two sizes: they are either big or very big. As any iPhone SE review will reveal, the latest gadget from the company is a smartphone for people who are comfortable with using a relatively small model.

The Apple new smartphone will be available for purchasing from Thursday. It offers the best camera and the processor within a 2.3 inches casing. The battery life and of the set has also been reasonably enhanced.


This is one of Apple’s lowest priced models and can be had for just 399 dollars. iPhone SE review are already stating that this phone is going to give a hard time to the phablet. The new iPhone makes a very profound statement: when it comes to smartphones, function and style are both equally important.

It is imperative that the instrument fits inside your palm and offers comfort when you are using it. For a frequent user, it is very important how you are supposed to hold it and where you are going to keep it all the time. IPhone SE review are stating that the diagonals of its screens measure four inches which make it smaller than its contemporaries.

There are many people who prefer this size. Apple has revealed that it was able to sell millions of models of the same size during the past twelve months. However, it must be noted that the size is no more preferred by any notable manufacturer. The same point has been emphasized by many iPhone SE reviews recently.

The iPhone SE is more like the iPhone 5s, but the latter was a bit thicker and offered a few pleasant curves. The iPhone SE will be available in Apple’s latest rose-gold hue.

When it comes to functionality, the new iPhone SE meets all the expectations. It is fitted with an A9 processor. The iPhone 6s also uses the same chip. It runs all the apps in a smooth manner and also offers the best graphics for just about every game. One IPhone SE review has stated that it is 70% faster than the iPhone 5s.

The rear camera is a 12 megapixel beauty which allows using Apple’s video tricks. It can give best results in any kind of setting but its gives best results in low lighting. The new iPhone SE also provides Apple Pay which would allow you to make payments when you leave your wallet home.

Apple has incorporate notable improvements in the battery life of the iPhone SE compared to its predecessor. Under normal conditions, the battery will last around 10 hours which is longer than iPhone 5s and 6s. Here, the iPhone SE also manages to beat Galaxy S7 by 3 hours.

The iPhone SE is arguably Apple’s best phone to date. It offers long battery life, a great camera, fast processing and some cool graphics within the same standard size.

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