Google’s Play Music Podcasts Are Coming on 18th April

Podcast fans have welcomed the news since they will no more be required to switch between aps.

Google’s Play Music Podcasts Are Coming on 18th April

It may be the time Podcasts came to Google Play Music. Back in October last year, the service ad announced that it was adding the format. An internal NPR obtained by a news website states that Google has made it known to the radio network that the platform will be launched on 18th of April, Monday. This will be around 6 months after the first announcement was made.

The NPR informed its members through a letter that Google will introduce podcasts on Android as well as other platforms from Monday, April 18, 2016, within the Google’s streaming service ‘Google Play Music.’ This service is very much similar to the ‘Apple Music.’ The NPR further informed the members that the information was confidential and was meant to be a secret.

It is very improbable that the podcasts will be made available on Google’s streaming service from next week. However, this is not the first instance when a broadcasting platform has been tricked by a music streaming service. During the month of February, there were rumors that the platform will be launched in the same month. The main reason for these rumors was that famous writer and podcaster Bill Simmons had shared on a social media website that his podcasts will be available on Google Play in February. This, of course, didn’t happen. Simmons deleted his post from the social media website.

This, however, does not mean that the NPR referenced above does not have legitimacy. It means that Google will surely unveil its podcast during the next week.

The NPR did not reveal any other information apart from the one that podcasts will come to Android devices and many other platforms. This may mean that the podcast feature will be available on IOS and the web.

The point to be noted here is that the hard-core fans of the podcast have been doing great even without any support from Google, however, if podcasts did come to Google, they will allow users to fulfill their audio requirements without having to switch between applications.

Of course, one cannot comment on the reason why it took Google so long to add this feature but as they say, all is well that ends well.

There was neither a confirmation nor a denial from Google when asked about this news.

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