Kim Kardashian readies divorce papers

The high profile marriage between Kim and Kanye West may be close to an end. There are confirmed reports that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are ready to file divorce papers. 

Kim Kardashian readies divorce papers

A popular online magazine reported that Kim and Kanye relationship is at an end and the former is contemplating filing divorce papers in order to end her two-year marriage to the popular rapper. The magazine stated that Kim Kardashian and her husband could be separated within a few weeks.

The same site has also claimed that Kim and Kanye were having marriage problems which had resulted in a strained relationship during the recent weeks. Kim was allegedly stressed to the breaking point due to these problems.

Kim was already under immense pressure due to her financial issues and work, coupled with the responsibility of her kids, the stress had become overwhelming. It is also alleged that the extremely busy schedule of the duo had contributed to the increasing friction between the two.

If the rumors are right and Kim Kardashian has actually made the decision to file the divorce papers, such a scenario will be very shocking for Kanye West to whom she has been married for around two years now. An insider has told the news website that Kanye does not have an idea until now that Kim is contemplating divorce.

Kim Kardashian has neither confirmed nor denied the rumors about her impending divorce. She has been analyzing her life during the past few weeks, and still seems not be sure about what steps she should take.

Moreover, Kim is not sure where her career is heading, and what direction she should take. An insider also revealed that the couple has had some serious fights during the past few weeks.

The new regarding Kim and Kanye’s impending divorce has surfaced only days after it was reported that the main reason for the rift between the couple may be that Kanye West ranted about Taylor Swift.

It was reported during the beginning of this week that Kanye talked about Taylor Swift in the middle of a concert because Kim had been annoying him ever since they had moved from her moth’s house into their own. The couple had left Kris Jenner’s home earlier during the month.

Since they moved into their own home, Kanye is stuck with the children because Kim wouldn’t let the phone alone. In fact she spends almost the entire day over the telephone. Kanye is also annoyed by Kim Kardashian’s social media habits.

Rather than confronting Kim, Kanye West was venting his anger on Taylor Swift. However, with the news of divorce getting hotter by the day, it seems that Kanye’s rants against Swift will not save their marriage.

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