Earthquake Alert Apps for Android

The past few years have experienced many natural disasters effecting the highly populous regions of the world. Technology played a vital role in the form of news. For the sake of news, there are many earthquake alert apps for android and IOS users. Special devices and control units are structured in all regions to calculate the intensity of earthquake.

Earthquake Alert App:

Earthquake Alert app on Android Play Store is the most widespread seismic observing application for android users. It occupies a petite space in your mobile phone and weighs up to few megabytes.

Earthquake Alert Apps for Android Earthquack alert app

It is a user-friendly app designed in a distinct way so that all and sundry can use it with affluence. Its main page displays all the recent earthquake occurrences around the world whereas the map is displayed on next tab which displays all the points of earthquake. Users can check the strength, interval and distance from their location with the help of earthquake alert app. It keeps you updating with alerts totally free of cost.

Earthquakes Tracker:

By using this application you can get all alerts and statistics about earthquake at your fingertips. By using this application you will never miss imperative measures.

Earthquake Alert Apps for Android Earthquack tracker

This application is capable of plotting graphs by scanning earthquake activities in days, months and years. For this purpose, it scrutinises seismic undertakings happened in the world. The best service provided by earthquake tracker is voice announcer. Now you will be updated each time an earthquake occurs by its voice alert. This android app delivers all relevant statistics as soon as they are issued by the data focal points.

Earthquake Alert Tracker by MONZONITO:

This earthquake alert tracker is proficient to trail earthquakes around the globe. It heads-up its users by notifications with the nature of intensity they set. It uses different color according to the intensity and frequency of the incident.

Earthquake Alert Apps for Android Earthquack MONZONITO

A little hitch in this application is the absence of particular regions. Users can get notifications based on the degree and rate of recurrence of the earthquake. This earthquake Alert apps allows you to set diverse themes for your ease.

My Earthquake Alerts App:

It is a powerful application for android users which conveys all the facts and figures, all free of cost. It is designed for Android Lollipop users. It has overt features as it provides quality service to its users.

Earthquake Alert Apps for Android Earthquack alert

People can get live statistics from all around the world. Now you can get history of earthquake seeing back to late ninety’s. You can check the exact location of earthquake by entering your location. It helps you to discover the distance and deepness from your location.


Natural disasters can occur any stint at any domicile. Earthquake alert apps are designed for users to alert them if they are living in a place which have perceived earthquake in past years. Android users are updated time to time by notifications. These applications are based on magnitude and place of the incident. Some applications also update about the causalities in earthquake.

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