Selena Gomez Knocks Taylor Swift: Touch To Top On iTunes With ‘Good For You’

It’s been not as much of as 24 hours meanwhile Selena, 22, plunged her sizzling new solo “Good For You” on iTunes on June 22, and it’s formerly making massive waves on the music charts. It’s amazing for Selena Gomez!

Selena Gomez Knocks Taylor Swift: Touch To Top On iTunes With ‘Good For You’

The pop royalty has occupied her high position on the musical authority, getting the number one promotion on iTunes with her stimulating new solo “Good For You’ and outstanding her best friend Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood’ in the procedure!

Selena Gomez provoked fans with new information about her succeeding solo on Friday evening. The pop star wrote on Instagram that her new single will be named “Good For You” and come to on June 22.

As our informer inform us that, Selena rapidly move up the charts after fans involve in love through her jumpy new sound so greatly, that it’s strapped Taylor, 25, downhearted a little spots!

In a situation at what time you’re a deep dyed Taylor Swift admirer and at the same time you are also fans of her best friend, it’s simply a assumed that you can do a promotion on T-Swift impression! Selena Gomez, 22, gave her the best performance Taylor, 25, takeoff as soon as bring to an end by the iHeart Radio headquarters on June 22.

Now it’s Selena’s chance to gleam and this is the reality that she merits it! “Good for You” speedily made its approach into iTunes’ and get a position of top five songs in the morning of its proclamation,

However, it didn’t take long for Selena to surpass Taylor, and even the other songs! By the afternoon of the songs release, Selena’s song became number one on iTunes. Amazing!

Great job! Selena no doubt gives a shootout to her BFF at the completion of video, saying “Love you, Tay!” Wow amazing. That act express their understanding and that it’s actually only all in fun.

Once the host inquires even though she’s been involving her influence, Taylor says, “Oh, I’ve grasped every solo Selena’s innovative song “Good For You,” performing as soon as possible Rocky is unbelievable. Whereas Selena and Taylor are in real best friends it’s a pretty high integrity to worn out, who is debatably the most fruitful womanly popular performers today.

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