Services Offered at a Top Rated Medical Center

Since its establishment, our top-rated medical center in New York has been providing quality healthcare services to New York residents, driven by a team of nurses and staff that exude professional excellence in their service to the community. Innovative medical and surgical treatments, as well as the use of advanced technology, are part of the fundamental pillars that support the success of the establishment. Patients of all ages visiting the facility gain access to individualized treatment and care.

Top Rated Medical Center in New York

Surgical Care

As a health care provider that performs numerous surgical procedures yearly, you will find some of the finest nurses, surgeons, physician assistants, and support staff here. They are experts in conducting advanced surgical interventions drawing from their experience. Some of the recommendations they may suggest are laparoscopic surgery, or minimally invasive surgery also known as MIS.

The option to adopt in this case will depend on your illness or condition and compared to open surgery, MIS is a better option.


Individuals with psychiatric conditions can get comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services from the hospital’s division of psychiatry. The team in this department works together with every patient to establish the cause of their pain while eliminating the element of underlying conditions. Our medical specialists and primary care physician will involve your family where necessary, to offer an all-inclusive and holistic care service.

Medical Care

Quality graduate medical education is the pursuit of this medical center in providing quality primary and subspecialty medical care to all. All that is availed in a friendly environment to promote the comfort of patients with a focus on;

  • Keeping patients informed

As opposed to other medics who are not ready to share details claiming that it is “too much information,” you and your PCP will not be left in the dark throughout the diagnosis and treatment process.

  • Respecting Your Time

Usually, booking an appointment for your call or that of your physician will only take two weeks or less.

  • Appreciating Diversity

We understand that language barrier can affect our service provision and for that reason, we avail someone who knows your mother tongue, to attend to you and the chances are that everyone will find someone to help them in this area. Besides, the language coordinator is available to offer support where necessary.


The health of your children is at the heart of our interests, which is why our qualified staff in the pediatrics department, provide compassionate and culturally sensitive care to various children and parents, in our diverse environment. 24-hour intensive inpatient hospital care, checkup, vaccination, and pediatric-focused emergency care, are part of the services we offer.

Our medical center in New York is committed to delivering quality health care across the board, and anyone seeking medical attention from us is assured of great care in the hands of our professionals.

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