Points to Consider Before Executing Sheet Metal Laser Cutting

Sheet Metal Laser Cutting

Apart from using manual and machine cutting of metals, modern technology has empowered us with many other types of metal cutting including flame, plasma, laser and waterjet cutting. By employing these types of technologies, one can obtain superior quality of materials. Out of these methods, laser cutting is the most versatile. This is because it has the potential to cut almost any material, slash through thick surfaces, and handle most complex cutting tasks in no time. However, the type of cutting a laser can execute completely depends on its type, quality and functionality.

Metal Laser Cutting machine

Metal Laser Cutting Machine

So whether you are making a medical instrument or a galvanized plate, laser cutting is always a good choice. But before you execute laser cutting the first things to remember is to use quality machines. You should use laser machines from a top brand like Mitsubishi and also ensure than all the Mitsubishi laser parts are in top working condition.

There are other points which you should consider as well. Let us take a look at some of them.

Quality comes first

Sometimes we tend to prioritize speed and price over quality. This might not be the right thing to do as it can create a lot of inconsistency in your production cycle. Hence, when you strike a deal with a firm that offers laser cutting, make sure that they follow the sheet metal fabrication standards. Even while cutting is being executed, make sure you are provided with the evidence of quality control at each stage. Read the contract carefully before signing the deal so that you don’t have much to worry about at a later stage.

Make the most out of Automation process

Thanks to the automation process in laser cutting technology, there are towers which are able to load raw material and unpack the processed sheets. Through these automated processes, one can also schedule cutting tasks at regular intervals to enable continuous production. Automation means fast and flexible production at cost-effective rates. It also doesn’t require a lot of manpower as it can take care of a lot of functionalities on its own.

Choose fiber optic laser over a CO2 laser

Fiber optic laser is undoubtedly the best choice and better than a CO2 laser as it provides remarkable precision at a great speed. It can be used for reflective materials like titanium, copper, brass, aluminum and galvanized steel. A fiber optic laser beam produces energy which gets absorbed into the surface of material. This energy gets converted into heat that melts the material and cuts it into parts. However, you can choose the laser type based on the shape and material thickness you want.

There are ample amount of benefits involved with laser cutting and it is way more preferred as compared to the standard sheet metal cutting methods. But ensure that the above mentioned aspects are followed before you set out on a laser cutting project and you will be good to go!

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