Shoo! Get Rid of These 5 Shoe Problems

A significant portion of your confidence probably comes from your fashion statements. When you know you look stunning; it’s easy to let that chin stay up and smile at everyone. You feel powerful. Yet, the burden of polishing your style doesn’t stop with your clothes. You also have to worry about footwear.

Shoe Problems

You probably can’t count on your hands the number of times your shoes ruined an aspect of your day. Your mood completely soured because your shoes caused blisters to your feet, and now, you’re limping. You don’t even have to get injured to have your footwear bring you down! Not knowing which pair of shoes goes with your outfit of the day is enough to bother you for some time. There are a variety of problems concerning girls shoes that may overwhelm you. However, sit back and relax! Because you’ll be getting rid of them in no time. Shoo!

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The Range!

There are a lot of kinds of girls shoes in the market. You have the boots which may come in a lot of variables, such as thigh-high, timberland, or bondage. Heeled footwear also comes in many forms ranging from stilettos and platforms to kitten heels and pumps. Of course, you also have flats, such as your classic converse, monk, and even flip flops. 

It’s easy to drown in this variety. However, the key to finding which shoes is the most appropriate for you is listening to your feet. When fitting footwear in the department store, make sure that it’s not painful. You should also consider if this pair of shoes would match with a number of your garments. 

Comfort or Style

Many women think that when it comes to footwear, comfort, and style are mutually exclusive. However, you don’t have to feel like you’re walking on needles to be fashionable. Some flats are as equally stunning as your usual stilettos. Today’s fashion trend includes athletic shoes that feature stylish patterns. Heels don’t always have to feel like hell, too. Choose ones that perfectly cushions your feet, are lightweight, have arch support and shock absorption.

Mix and Match

Have you ever just completed your outfit of the day to realise that you don’t have any idea which shoes to go with? The thing with matching your footwear with your clothes is not too distant from mixing your garments. You may want to consider the event you’re attending – is it formal? Casual? Does it require too much physical activity?

Another thing is you could never go wrong with colour coordinating. Choosing shoes that are complementary to your outfit will make you seem extra stylish! You may also want to stick with the classic – wearing nude footwear that, on the other hand, makes you seem posh.

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In Your Defense 

You probably think of shoes as just another part of your outfit. However, choosing the right footwear serves another great purpose. You may want to check if your soles are thick enough to protect you from sharp objects. You may also consider if your footwear is sturdy enough to protect your feet.

Size Does Matter

Not all brands in the market have your perfect fit. In some names, your feet may require either smaller or bigger sizes. Another dilemma is if your feet measurements fall in between shoes that are too tight and footwears that have too much space. You may have to look for another pair of shoes. However, if you fell in love with that particular design, it is better to choose the bigger size. You can then add foot accessories such as heel and foot liners and insoles to make your shoes feel tighter. 

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There! Shoo! Your shoe problems end here. Don’t panic too much if you think you still don’t get it. The world offers a variety of footwear. You can always find one that would fit you the most.

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