Some Safety Tips From Michael Giannulis To Follow Before Hitting Gyms After Covid 19

This COVID scenario has actually forced your life to come to a Michael Giannulis stand still and you have no one to hide from it. Staying at home for the longest period of time will literally change your life, making you lazier. As you can’t get out of your house like you used to, your body will start to ache and the muscles will start getting stiff. Now, with vaccines to come and save you from the pandemic, people are getting a bit of courage to move out of their house.

Michael Giannulis

According to experts like Michael Giannulis, it is vital to hit the gym, if you want to be in proper shape and form for a long time. Remember that being in shape is a necessity as you need to get rid of your sedentary life for good. However, before you hit the gym, there are some promising COVID steps you need to focus on first.

  • Make sure to carry your own kit as per Michael Giannulis:

You have to be very sure to work out a bit more and carry your own gym kit with you. The gym bag must-have two fresh towels, one yoga mat for the yoga or other floor exercises, and a dedicated water bottle. Make sure to not touch some of the commonly touched surface areas like mobile phone charging ports, water cooler, and more. You can leave the bag in your car’s boot and there is no need to carry it inside the house.

  • Arrive and leave within the given allotted time:

To avoid rushing, experts like Mike Giannulis would suggest you arrive at the gym class within the allotted time. Make sure to not hover at the entrance as that will force you to come in contact with unnecessary people. In case you ever see one beeline, you should wait in your car or anywhere, by keeping a safe distance from it. It will ensure that you don’t end up running into people, who are like you and heading towards the gym at their allotted time.

  • Face cover has been a mandatory note this time:

Yes, it might feel a bit uncomfortable to wear a face mask all the time whenever you are working out in the gym, but you have no other option but to do it. The ministry has issued clear guidelines for the yoga studio and gym-goers to keep their faces covered all the time. For the light exercises and yoga, you can try wearing a fabric face mask. It is true to go for the visor rather than a mask while performing some of the high-intensity exercises, like running or treadmill.

Follow the norms as mentioned by Mike Giannulis:

You are always invited to catch up with experts whenever you are planning to hit the gym during this COVID scenario. Following their tips and the norms mentioned by the Federal government will actually keep you within safe boundaries for sure.

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