Spotify Playlist Submission: Things You Need To Know

Spotify could be your first step to popularity in music.  While many are introduced as a musical artists in other ways such as Talent Shows, Reality Shows, Singing Contests, etc, submitting your music playlist to Spotify could be possible.

And here’s another news:

Before, submitting playlist to spotify takes a lot of processes which sometimes give discouragement to those who wanted to be part of the famous musical platform.  Now, submitting playlist is easier than before.  Web forms which is quite difficult to find is now eliminated, and even finding direct contacts won’t be necessary as the new Spotify consideration team has changed its process.  Just always remember that in order for you to have an account for Spotify as an Artist, you must have a music in Spotify already.  Your music must be already in Spotify and be ready for evaluation by Spotify team.  Remember to submit the process seven days ahead before the release date.

Things You Should Know in Spotify Playlist Submission

  • Distribution of your music to spotify is a must!  Hey, this is not a process of delivering music directly to Spotify.  This is just about inviting the team to track your music that has already been in Spotify, so you have to distribute your music.
  • Single submission.  Take note that you can only submit a song which is unreleased one at a time.  This is for the editor team to easily and surely evaluate your song for consideration.  Whenever the song is rejected or dropped, you can submit another unreleased track to the team.
  • Give much information about your track as possible.  Spotify and its team wants to match all music according to the playlist they belong, so you better have them labelled well.  Genre, mood, and other essential points.  Even the instrument being used in the recoding matters a lot for Spotify Team.
  • Make sure that you submit music on Spotify using your desktop.  Mobile submission is strictly now allowed for artists.
  • Planning ahead is a good strategy.  You’ve got to submit your music at least seven days in advance.
  • Once the music has been released, it would not be accepted when re-submitted.
  • Spotify Playlist Submission is free of charges.  There is no much mechanism during submission that requires payment. 

Basic Steps: Log-in to Spotify for Artists using your desktop.  Find any music that has not yet been released at the top of the Profile or Home tab.  Nest, select GET STARTED next to the release that you have chosen.  You may also go to your profile and right click any unreleased music.  Finally, submit the song. Make sure that you choose a song from the release to submit.  Remember, make more details about the song as mentioned above.

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