5 Most Popular Music Apps for Android

In the modern times of online radio stations or even streaming services, we need to create and develop our own music culture. To steam audios is all good till the point you are about to venture outside. Now the question is if you need to travel outside or have exhausted your data plan, how you are planning to listen to music. Thankfully there are a lot of music apps in the market making your task a lot easier. Let us flip through the list of apps.

5 Most Popular Music Apps for Android


This is one of the popular streaming services and presents a unique chance to discover new music. You ought to give it to the search platform as you are going to find new tracks that you can listen. This has made it easy to create and navigate music. Whatever might be your music tastes this app provides a steady solution to take care of your needs? Just opt for the premium plan of this app as you can download or play any song offline in this app.

Amazon Music

This is one of the popular apps that you might be having access to, might not even be aware. If you do fall in the category of the prime subscribers you can gain access to the music. Though this service is free, this app allows you to download songs on to your Android device. If you are not planning to pay for this service, an option to consider would be Amazon Prime.


This is an app famous for its intelligent radio network. This app has also gone on to add an in-demand feature. If you avail the premium section of this app you can download and steam unlimited songs. If you happen to be a heavy Pandora user then this could be really worth it. But it is always better to stick on to the free version.

Sound Cloud

In case if you are considering option of alternate music, then this is the app to consider. This app is popular for a free streaming service that is available all around the world. In addition there is an offline feature of this app. There are some tracks that can be downloaded offline with the help of this app. A worthy option to consider would be the free version

YouTube Music

This is the latest one of the lot and you are not going to come across quality music better than this one. This app has a huge collection of audio and even video songs for the music buffs. With the free plan you are in a position to watch music for free, though you might have to encounter the occasional ad. If you opt for a premium package you can listen to the music in the background and if the need arises download music in the offline platform. If you want to enjoy download music videos, then the best place to download is Vidmate. One can also download in HD quality. Also, it offers great downloading speed and host of other features but the best part is that it is free of cost. So, install Vidmate and enjoy your favourite music.

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