Grocery store fixtures commonly needed to set up a retail store

Tables and shelves are just two types of grocery store fixtures. There are many other types of product display options like- bakery showcases, storage, refrigeration equipment, and butcher block tables. Retailers can choose from depending on the products they deal in.

Grocery store

Grocery fixtures are part of many other fixtures used in supermarkets. Fruit and vegetable displays are vital for grocery stores because these items constitute the majority of sales. The way of displaying items is very important for ensuring good sales in any retail store, and it is no different for grocery stores.

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In this article, we will discuss some conventional grocery store fixtures that retailers can put to good use depending on their business model.

Product tables and shelves

Tables and shelves are most suited for displaying fruits and vegetables in grocery stores. It allows spreading the items across large spaces that consumer can pick and choose quickly. The tables are customizable as it comes in small sections and combined to fit into any space while forming neat rows. The tables have an eye-catching appearance that helps to create a brand identity.  The fixtures are available in modular units with slat wall panels that make it suitable for assembling anywhere. You can create your own configuration by using the modular units. Shelves are also very ideal for displaying grocery items and available in a variety of styles like a showcase, cube, wide display, and wire display. 

Bakery showcases

For displaying fresh baked goods display racks, shelves, and acrylic bins are indispensable for grocery stores.  Regardless of whether your store deals in loaves of hot bread, birthday cakes, or donuts, you will require showcases to display the items. Without a proper display, there will be no sales. Apple fritters are the plastic display bins with hinged lids which are also suitable for cinnamon rolls. For breadsticks and bagels, you must have acrylic bins which work great.

Butcher block tables

Whether you have a butcher on-site or an in-house deli, you must have some butcher block tables. Along with the tables, you need some accessories like a meat grinder, knives, slicers and meat cubers which are essential tools of the trade.  Customers are keen to watch that the meat they ordered is prepared according to their specifications. A curved glass display case is a standard fixture for the front of the deli, and it gives consumers the option to choose what they want.

Refrigeration equipment

Walk-in freezers, frozen food shelves, ice makers and reach-in cases are must-haves for grocery stores that stock ice creams and dairy products like cheese, yogurt, buttermilk, etc.  A sliding top refrigerated case is ideal for stocking single serving ice creams are a great attraction for kids who can reach inside and grab the choicest treat. 

Having done with the storage needs of the products on the floor, other store fixtures would also be required for the office and backroom warehouse. Efficient use of storage space enables store owners to carry more items with better chances of retrieving it faster when customers need it.

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