Why You Need a Star Identification

If you live in the state of Alabama, your deadline to get your Star ID is quickly approaching. As threats to security increase as the years go by, national, state, and local governments need to have strategies in place to ensure the safety of their constituents. That is Alabama’s goal with the Star ID program. Star stands for, “Secure, Trusted, and Reliable.” Alabama has faith that this new program will live up to that name. Here is why you need to be part of this program.

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It is Sometimes Legally Required to have Identification

Is star id required in Alabama – In October of 2019, the state government of Alabama announced that starting on Oct. 1, 2020, all Alabama residents will need to have an upgraded Star ID to board domestic flights. If you do not have an official star on whatever form of identification you are using, driver’s license, passport, etc., you will not be allowed to board a plane. Of course, if you never ride planes, a Star ID is not necessary. Although you can still get one to plan for a potential future where you might find yourself needing to fly.

It is Helpful in Other Circumstances

Not only will you need a Star ID to board domestic flights. But you will also need one to enter certain government buildings. Because of the Star IDs reputation as a trusted and reliable form of identification, public authority figures who frequently need to check your ID, such as police officers, might be more likely to trust you if you ever have to talk with them. If you have gone out of your way to have identification, you will look more trustworthy.

It Protects From Identification Theft

Identity proofing is more important than ever in today’s world. Fake IDs and identity theft are only growing issues as fabrication methods become more accessible to everyday people. Star IDs will make it easier to pick out fake IDs since identification cards without stars will be subject to closer scrutiny.

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This is another reason why you need to get a Star ID because it makes your identity more verifiable. Identity theft is a serious issue that thousands of people deal with every year. So the Star ID program is a much-needed change that could help with the issue.

It is Working Well

Alabama’s Star ID program began in October of 2011 as a voluntary program for those wishing to get ahead of the curve, as the state of Alabama planned to have the program fully integrated with full restrictions on flight boarding and government building entry within five years. Since the integration of the program, it has been met with both praise and criticism, and even critics admit that with some corrections and adjustments, the program could be successful at increasing national security.

It Promotes National Security

The seeds for the idea of the Star ID program originated in the years directly following the terrorist attacks that took place on Sep. 11, 2001. Congress passed the Real ID Act in response to concerns that it was too easy to obtain a United States driver’s license. Since you only needed to provide one basic form of ID to fly, the terrorists likely boarded planes using licenses. The Star ID program is the natural evolution of the idea that there should be a more secure process involved in the process of getting a valid form of identification in the United States.

Alabama is not the only state that is requiring travelers to carry a Star ID. But it is the state with one of the fastest approaching deadlines. If you have put off getting a Star ID, you do not have much time left. You do have the option of refusing to get one. But be prepared to be turned away from flights and government buildings.

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