What Are The Changes In Immigration Law Of Australia That Will Affect Migrants In 2020?

So it’s the arrival of 2020 and Australia is all set and ready to experience a number of immigration reforms. This will affect the several offshore visa applicants out there. These include overseas business owners, partners, aged parents, skilled workers, and international students. To get more comprehensive bits of information regarding this, contact the best Migration Lawyers Perth today. These visa applicants either want to settle in Australia permanently or want to visit the nation.

Immigration Law

A look at the prominent changes in the immigration law of Australia

The year 2019 had witnessed some of the major changes in the immigration law of Australia. These included some notable changes in the major Australian visa categories. After that, the year 2020 witnessed the introduction of two new regional visas in Australia. So, the below-given write-up will acquaint you with the most significant changes in the Australian immigration law. These changes are being highlighted here for the significant impact they had on the various international applicants out there.

Changes comprising the Skilled Occupation List

The Skilled Occupation List was supposed to be updated in March 2020. This included changes brought to around 38 occupations comprising the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) of Australia. These predominantly included three employment sectors of Australia i.e. the Department of Small and Family Business, Skills, and Employment. Experts say that 11 occupations are chosen for removal and 4 new occupations will be included. Six occupations are ready for a salary caveat as well.

Introduction to two regional visas

The Australian immigration department has also introduced two new skilled regional visas in November 2019. The first one includes the Skilled Employer-Sponsored Regional Visa (subclass 494). The second regional visa includes Skilled Work Regional (subclass 491).

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These two visas were primarily introduced by the Australian Federal Government. The chief objective behind doing this was to acquire more skilled workers for regional Australia. You too can apply for any of these visas in the assistance of a qualified Migration Lawyer Perth successfully.

Provision of ample application vacancies

The two regional visas mentioned above replaced the visa subclasses 187 and 489 until recently. Currently, there are 25,000 vacancies available for applicants comprising the Australian annual permanent migration plan limit of 1, 60,000. Some of the immigration professionals are claiming that this is a remarkable change in the regional immigration program of Australia.

A look at the immigration according to States

Given below are some of the worthwhile changes which have taken place according to each of the Australian states.

  1. Western Australia

The state of WA had decided to invite applicants for its 489 visa subclass from 21st November 2019.

  1. South Australia

The state of Western Australia had declared applications for visa subclass 190 and 491. The process of invitation had started from December 2019 onwards.

  1. Queensland

Just like South Australia, the state of Queensland is also inviting applicants for the visa subclass 190 and 491. The process of application comprising their State Nomination Skilled Program had started from 25th November 2019 onwards.

  1. Tasmania

Tasmania had opened all its regional visas including the 491 Skilled Regional Work Visa as well. Each of the applicants is liable to pay a fee of $220 for applying as well.

  1. Victoria

Victoria had proclaimed that Victorian nomination applications can be lodged completely for free of cost. The invitation process for this had already started on 18th November 2019.

  1. Australian Capital Territory

The application procedure in the ACT had already started from 16th November 2019 onwards. Eligible applicants can appear for the Home Affairs Skill Select and submit the EOI from then. On the contrary, applications for the Subclass 491 Canberra Matrix will only be accepted from 1st January 2020.

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Change in Visa Subclass 500 and 590

This year the student visa subclass 500 and student guardian visa 590 will witness a significant change. According to this, both the student and their respective guardian need to show sufficient funds to Doha. International students will also have to face some changes in their Assessment levels (ALS).

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The assessment level of students in Australia is usually determined by certain factors. These include their respective merits including their academic and financial profile and competency in English.

What’s more?

An upsurge in the rate of funds and a few changes in the ALS have been designed for certain students. These students must either belong to India, Nepal, or Pakistan. Apart from this, both the students and guardians need to show sufficient funds to the Australian government. This lets them meet their travel and living cost-effectively to stay in Australia for 1 year or more.

Get professional assistance!

So, these were some of the changes which the Doha has brought to its Immigration lawyer Perth system this 2020. To know more about this get in touch with the best migration lawyers in Perth immediately.

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