State Department emails Refute Clinton’s Benghazi Testimony

Several contradictions found between the former Secretory of the State Hillary Clinton’s testimony before Benghazi Select Committee and newly released State Department emails.

State Department emails Refute Clinton’s Benghazi Testimony

The foremost important conflict is of Clinton’s denying of ever receiving any security and aid requests. Whereas a request for humanitarian aid sent by the late Ambassador Chris Stevens is found in new emails that reached her desk and distributed to the relevant staff in an hour with the directives for action.

Stevens also wrote about the Libyan opposition’s intention to for the delivery of essentials such as fuel, medicines, and children’s milk. On which, emails show, Clinton responded in 17 minutes, “Can we arrange shipments of what’s requested?” It proves that the request of humanitarian aid reached her desk. Clinton stressed, “Chris Stevens communicated regularly with the members of my staff. He did not raise security with the members of my staff. I communicated with him about certain issues. He did not raise security with me. He raised security with the security professionals.”

In context to Benghazi attacks there were also evidences of Clinton’s negligence in treating sensitive material. In one email Clinton urgently asked an office manager to collect a white briefing book containing sensitive information which she mistakenly left on her desk. The office manager confirmed her after storing it in the State Department safe.

Clinton’s use of a private server for emails along with the State Department’s also pointed towards something that can help her cover-up if she intends to. It appeared that she has been using that personal email not just for personal emails but also for the sensitive ones.

President Obama told CBS’ in an interview that he was not aware of Clinton’s personal account. On the other hand the White House said there are emails between the Clinton and Obama but they can’t be made available.

Hillary Clinton denial of Sidney Blumenthal her informal advisor having any role in Benghazi proves otherwise. There are dozens of emails from Blumenthal including those that are about his suggestions on Libya. Some were also forwarded to her State Department team. Clinton stated: “He’s a friend of mine. He sent me information he thought might be of interest. Some of it was, some of it wasn’t, some of it I forwarded to be followed up on. He had no official position in the government. And he was not at all my adviser on Libya.”

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