Street Fighter V gets Halloween costumes update

Street Fighter V gets Halloween costumes update—The ardent follower of the franchise will see their favorite franchise catering to the Halloween season. New and novel content has been released for Capcom’s ‘Street Fighter V.’

Street Fighter V gets Halloween costumes update

Street Fighter V will feature costumes and a stage for Halloween

Of course each and every character of the Street Fighter V will not be seen dressed in a spooky manner. Rather, you can see some of them dressed in a very elegant manner and looking very handsome.

All those fans of the franchise who have accumulated a reasonable amount of fight money, or have are willing to spend real money for downloads, should take note of the latest releases. Notwithstanding the amount, the latest updates in stage and costumes will be able to deliver a rather creepy experience.

A confirmed report has stated that the characters in Street Fighter V with Halloween costumes will include Charlie, Vega, Ryu, Alex, Juri, Cammy and Necalli. Until now, only these characters have been confirmed. Moreover, the offer is also limited.

These novel costumes will be available on the PlayStation Store from October 11 to November 29. Each of these costumes will be priced at 3.99 dollars.

Capcom is also generous enough to launch a stage with a Halloween theme for Street Fighter 5 during the next week. It will also include the traditional jack o’ lantern decorations. There will be some creepy cameos like Necro and Effie. Both of them are characters from a previous version.

Street Fighter V is a fighting video game which is published by Capcom. The game has been developed with assistance from Dimps. It is the fifth installment in the Street Fighter series. The game was made available for public in February for PS4 and Windows. A version for Linux was also released with cross platform operations.

Like its previous versions, Street Fighter V also features a fighting gameplay system with side scrolling features. There are 16 characters in the game. Out of these 16, 4 characters are new.

With the help of downloadable content, a story mode and more characters were also included in the game. Capcom has stated that the game is a PS 4 exclusive game. Street Fighter V received highly positive reviews on its release.

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