Syria Conflict Takes New Turn As Aleppo Comes Under Fire

Regime forces and NDF troops have attacked rebel and militant positions in the Aleppo city incurring heavy losses on them ushering in a new, more violent phase of the Syria conflict.

Syria conflict

As a new turn of events in the Syria conflict, the Syrian army launched a new assault on the rebels in several neighborhoods. Located in the northern parts of Aleppo. Dozens of rebels have been reported killed in the ensuing fighting. Scores of rebels were killed and dozens wounded in the new round of battles in the ongoing Syria conflict. The renewed assault in Aleppo was carried out by the regime forces and the National Defense Forces (NDF). Several areas of the city were targeted.

Syrian army launched

The NDF was established in 2013 by Bashar al Assad when he formalized hundreds of militias of the popular committee under a single umbrella known as the National Defense Forces. The reason for establishing the NDF was a form a local, highly motivated and effective force from the pool of government backed militias. Unlike the Shabiha forces, the NDF was given salaries from the government coffers as well as the equipment with which to fight the opposition.

The NDF is a great attraction for young and unemployed men who have lost their livelihoods due to the ongoing Syria conflict.

The militant groups’ strongholds in the neighborhoods of al-Lairamoun, Bustan al-Basha, the Old City, al-Jaberiyeh and al-Sheikh Saeed came under attacks of the Syrian Army,” reported FARS news quoting an army source, “ which not only left tens of the militants killed or wounded but destroyed their military hardware”

The same source further said that dozes of rebels were also killed or injured in the regime offensive carried out near the village of al-Mansoura situated in the west of Aleppo city.

During the past few weeks, the regime forces have engaged rebels by attacking their strongholds in different parts of the Aleppo city. The rebels have been successfully pinned down behind the defensive lines.

In a separate development of the Syria conflict, regime forces and NDF troops attacked militant hideouts across the province of Aleppo. The attacks were concentrated in near the town of Tadif situated in the North Eastern part of the country. The rebels have suffered heavy casualties in the intense fighting that ensued after the attacks.

This new offensive in the Syria conflict came only a day after the regime troops and NDF forces successfully drove Daesh terrorists out of several more areas in the eastern province of Deir Ez zor. The NDF and the regime forces managed to capture many heights in the area that offer strategic value.

Russia has also entered the Syria conflict on the side of the Assad regime. It is carrying out relentless airstrikes on rebel positions and Daesh strongholds since the end of September last year. Russia is using at least 50 warplanes including SU – 24 M, SU – 25 and SU – 34 jet fighters. These jets have been pounding several parts of Syria at the behest of its president Bashar al Assad.

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