Ten Of The Best Ways To Add Value To Your Home

The value of the real estate is determined by various factors, some of which remain unchanged, while others are amenable to adjustments. For example, in the first case, it can be location, number of floors, base material, etc. The second group of factors influencing the price of housing mainly relates to the state of the object’s appearance. Moreover, it applies to both the exterior of the house and the interior.

Best Ways To Add Value To Your Home

The appearance of the house can be changed through repairs and finishing measures, which will certainly be reflected in its price tag. The conditional share of repairs can be up to 50% of the total value of the real estate, therefore, before selling it, there is a big reason to think about increasing the base amount by improving the condition of the home. And the following recommendations will help you in determining the tactics of repair operations of this kind.

1. Kitchen renovation

The house may be in fair condition, but if the kitchen spoils the impression, then with a fairly high probability the discerning customers will either refuse the deal or ask for a large discount. You probably already know that this room is the soul of the house since the whole family gathers in it and responsible culinary procedures take place. What should your kitchen look like? At the very least, it should be given a well-groomed, modern, and noble look. Cheap plastic and worn wooden handles should be replaced with new counterparts made of metal or even stone. The tabletop should certainly be made of granite or marble, and preferably real marble. The view of a massive work platform made of similar minerals will impress any housewife, adding a lot of points to the kitchen. This applies to decoration, but it also makes sense to use modern, fashionable solutions for organizing the space around the kitchen island in the form of the same countertop. This is not the cheapest solution, as a major reconstruction may be required, but if the plan is successfully implemented, the kitchen will be able to qualify for a premium class.

2. Emphasis on lighting

Any room will look more attractive and more expensive if it is illuminated with warm, rich, and uniform light that does not tire the eyes. Of course, these days, this problem can only be solved with the help of LED lamps. This is not a very profitable solution for owners who plan to leave the house in the near future, since the main advantages of LED lighting technology manifest themselves in the process of long-term use, but such investments also make sense as a way to increase the attractiveness of the space. As for the structural organization of light, the integration of spotlights into the niches of suspended ceilings will be a win-win option. This is the most progressive technical solution in terms of the implementation of the lighting system today – at least among those available to the mass consumer.

3. Expanding the functionality of the house

Private home ownership is especially valuable because its usable area is not limited to a basic box with 3-4 rooms. You can use the attic, basement, terrace, etc. It is not at all necessary to carry out radical transformations, changing the main purpose of this or that part of the house. But it is important to show that the particular part is actually serviceable. And it is best to demonstrate this practically and visually, arranging the space accordingly. For example, from an ordinary cluttered attic, you can make a light and cozy attic with a living environment.

4. Set up a dressing room

Realtors claim that houses and apartments with dressing rooms are selling better and faster. If you have a pantry that is still used as a warehouse for old things, buy storage systems and convert it into a wardrobe. The investment will pay off, experts say. People love it when the house has a lot of space or even a separate room for storing things. No one will remain indifferent at the sight of a beautiful and well-designed dressing room. This investment is a win-win.

5. Bathroom renovation and decoration

The condition of the bathroom has an equally significant impact on the overall perception of residential real estate. In this room, water-hygienic procedures take place, therefore, a hint of neglect, the dilapidation of finishes, and problems with communications should not be allowed. It is not worth saving, since any attempt to replace the original tiles or equipment with cheap analogs will be detected by an experienced eye. Moreover, high-quality and expensive repairs in the bathroom can justify themselves by increasing the cost of the house. Skilfully assembled plumbing fixtures, coupled with tiled wall decoration from the new model collections, will certainly create an atmosphere of coziness, cleanliness, and comfort. Make sure to add stylish decoration and good-quality handy devices such as foam soap dispensers.

6. Landscaping

The adjacent territory should also not be ignored. Several groups of green spaces with the simplest elements of landscape design will at least show how, in principle, the site can be used. Theoretically, in order to increase the base price tag, you can organize a gazebo, a summer kitchen, and a swimming pool with a bathhouse, but such structures are not cheap and can only become a burden for buyers who do not count on such additions. Therefore, the best option for a completely empty area will be the simplest breakdown of a small garden with flower beds and plants climbing plants along the fence.

7. Minor improvements

Long-term use of the house is more likely to leave behind a series of unpleasant traces of destruction that are not always noticeable. But they can be found by meticulous clients, and in this case, a positive impression can be spoiled by a small but unpleasant oversight. What should you pay attention to? First, wood. Roof rafter systems, doors, and windows with boxes and frames, floor coverings, beams, etc. All this needs revision, which must be carried out in order to identify traces of biological destruction. Signs of mold and mildew mean that it is necessary to carry out treatment with special solutions to protect the wood, followed by painting. Secondly, insulating coatings should be checked – especially in hard-to-reach places. If, for example, there are places with leaks, this means that the centers of destruction may be in the joints between the elements of the finishing coating.

8. Offer an energy-efficient option.

The presence of solar panels on the roof, a well, and a modern septic tank on the site is a huge plus of the property. Tell buyers how the facade is insulated, emphasize that you save on heating without sacrificing comfort, the sewage system has never been clogged, there are energy-saving lamps in each room. If you have an apartment, the plus will be wall insulation outside and inside, no problems with heating and new risers. In general, the excellent condition of all utilities is a huge advantage when selling, because this is a very expensive item to repair.

9. Final preparation

When all the repair operations are completed, you can start preparing the property for a demonstration to potential buyers. First, all the garbage left after the repair should be taken out, and then the final cleaning is carried out. It is advisable to use cleaners and detergents that leave a pleasant smell and give the surfaces a shine. Exterior details are extremely important at this stage, as any pleasant factor can be decisive. After cleaning, you should go around the whole house, carefully examining it. The condition must fully comply with the presented price tag. You should also inspect the house outside. The first acquaintance of customers with the house will happen from afar, and this is a very important moment from the point of view of the general presentation. The owner should take the same path several times, which will allow him to evaluate the appearance of the house from the outside and, possibly, make a few more additional adjustments.

10. Smell and the atmosphere

Make sure there is a pleasant aroma in the house or apartment. No traces of damp smell! Ventilate the premises before the arrival of customers, buy an air freshener. Or just put a bouquet of fragrant flowers with a sprig of mint, make coffee – at the same time treat those who came by talking about the merits of your home. If buyers feel cozy and comfortable, the value of your home will immediately increase. A good scent is your best ally.


Increasing the value of a home through renovations is in most cases beneficial to sellers for two reasons. On the one hand, they practically return the money spent on repairs, and on the other, they speed up the process of finding a buyer. An attractive, solid home has a better chance of being sold, even with a higher cost. After all, clients understand that in any case, they would have to carry out repairs, also investing their own resources.

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