Former U.S President George Bush Apparently Slits Ted Cruz to Jeb Donors

The former president of United States, George W. Bush, ripped into the Texas Sen. Ted Cruz at a gathering of donors on a weekend. This gathering was held for his brother’s presidential campaign.  Bush saying crush the following phrase, “I just do not like the guy” at the Sunday night Denver event. According to the report, “which quoted at least six donors present at the event. Conferring to this Bush was like “I did not like the Alliance formed between Cruz’s de facto and Republican front-runner Donald Trump, who once criticized Cruz and the other members of the 15-candidate Republican Field but now has notably spared Cruz from it.”

Texas Combat: Former U.S President George Bush apparently slits Ted Cruz to Jeb donors

“He said he found Cruz opportunist and the way Cruz was Foot licking Trump because of the expectation that Trump’s support would come in the end.

One of the donors told our sources upon being asked to explain Bush’s take on Cruz. The report further added that George W. Bush had been indulging with amiable discussions regarding the state of GOP race, when the name of Cruz appeared.

The donor quoted the words to Politico, “I was like, Oh My God! Did he just say that?” He said “I remember looking around and watching people to be surprised as well”.

According to the report, Bush alerted the donors and advised them to not underestimate Cruz’s strength in the Texas and the South, where the message of him about the religious freedom is expected to go very well with the voters.

A spokesman for the former president, Freddy Ford didn’t denied the fact that George W. Bush had made the infuriated remarks about Cruz upon being asked to comment by our trustworthy sources:

“The first words they came out of Bush’s mouth were about Jeb earning the nomination, Winning the election and proving to be a great leader and president. He doesn’t really see the Senator Cruz as Bush’s most serious Rival”. The Further requests by fox News to address Bush’s “I don’t like the guy” Phrase were denied by Ford.

Cruz Joined Bush’s Presidential Campaign in 1999 as a domestic Policy adviser and helped with putting together the legal team that argued Bush v. Gore in front of the Supreme Court in the aftermath of the election, probably the Controversial one. Then he served the duty of associate deputy attorney general in the Justice department, right before getting the rank of Solicitor General of Texas in 2003.

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