A Strange View Billionaire Salma Hayek Driving the Cart Through the Hall Way

Salma Hayek is the most successful actress in Hollywood besides this she was married to a billionaire what else does human demands from life. On this Sunday night when Salma landed in Los Angeles she was spotted pushing her own luggage at the arrival terminals. Though this is a usual site that people drag their trolley through the hall way but for a Hollywood superstar and a wife of Billionaire this isn’t a usual sight.  The actress, who’s wed to Francois-Henri Pinault, 53, the CEO of luxury corporation Kering, had flown in from France where she presented an award to Martin Scorsese on Friday.

A strange view Billionaire Salma Hayek driving the cart through the hall way

The Frida star was effortlessly chic and showed off a fabulous décolletage in a tailored black jacket with her long hair pulled back into a pony tail.

The sight was dreadful for the fans when the Hollywood star and her daughter were escorted by airport official through LAX airport in a wheel chair. The mother was dressed all in black wearing jeans and sweater a comfortable outfit for the journey while the adorable mini- me was wearing pink and both posed beautifully for a shot.

Salma was carrying two very large suitcases on her cart, an airport employ accompany her to the departure gate and waited there till the arrival of her car. Hayek, along with her daughter Valentina and husband Pinault, had traveled to the French city of Lyon for the 7th Film Festival Lumiere.

She attended a special screening of Scorsese’s Raging Bull. She also presented the legendary director with a plaque at the end of a tribute evening. Firstly Hayek and her husband were in London where Hayek participated in British artist Christopher Kane’s celebrity life-drawing class in Mayfair on Thursday evening.

The couple got engaged back in 2007 when Hayek was pregnant with their daughter. Following Valentina’s birth, the couple briefly separated before reuniting and marrying in a Valentine’s Day ceremony in Paris in 2009.

Hayek unlike conventional feminist believes that their relationship works because her husband is a ‘strong, confident man’ who appreciates her independence.

The sight wasn’t too much to have a gossip upon yet the media arouse everything happening in a star life as if stars’ life is a public property.

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