The Best Android Launchers Of all Time

What is your best Android launcher of all time? Ever tried other new launcher? How was your experience? No one can deny that a smartphone is not just a smartphone. There is so much that goes into the process of turning a simple smartphone from the shop to a fully customized and totally personalized device.

We often use the best Android launcher of all times launchers for a myriad of reasons and functionalities, top among them being to change screen transitions and themes, to change default icons and fonts, save power, clean up systems and so forth.

This article will briefly talk about both the paid and the free top android launchers of all time. Click on the permalinks to download the launchers.

The Action Launcher 3.0:

The Best Android Launchers Of all Time action launcher

Coming in at first place on our best Android launcher of all time review is the Action Launcher.  The latest upgrade will set you back some $4.99. It has been praised for its awe-inspiring intuitive features for instance:-

  1. It supports Android 5.0 Lollipop
  2. It makes it possible for us to gain faster access to our folders and widgets
  3. It saves power by turning off apps when they are not being actively used
  4. The Quicktheme features that makes background customization fun and easier
  5. The Quickscreen function that enables lightning-fast home screen access from any location of the smartphone

The Google Now Launcher:

The Best Android Launchers Of all Time Google Launcher

This launcher is a product of Google and as such it comes with an almost seamless user experience rivaled by very few other launchers out there. Here are some of its winning points:-

  1. Very quick transitions from your widgets to your installed apps and vice-versa
  2. By turning the left side of your phone into a Google Now section, searching becomes super easy.
  3. The Google Now function also facilitates locating your GPRS location much faster
  4. It has a very high stability and very resistant to bugs
  5. It is completely free

Apparently, this launcher has one slight shortcoming and that is it does not allow the end-user to get the full levels of personalization as would be possible with other launchers for instance the Action Launcher.

The Nova Launcher:

The Best Android Launchers Of all Time Nova Launcher

This particular popular android launcher sets you back a meagre $4. But the elegant theme design and the robust features in the launcher make the fee seem like one terrific bargain. The top-most outstanding features of this best Android launcher of all time include:–

  1. The ability to pre-program gestures to perform various routine tasks with your device
  2. The capability to edit background colors, text color and fonts with simple actions
  3. The incredibly remarkable swipe function that enables app icons to act as folders simply by swiping actions
  4. The launcher makes it possible for us to change our overall phone themes
  5. It comes with scroll effects, transitional effects and even an infinite scroll function

The Apex Launcher:

The Best Android Launchers Of all Time Apex Launcher

Wrapping up our review of the top android launchers of all time is the Apex Launcher. It retails for $3.99 and many of us like to refer to it as the ‘Father of all launchers’ since it has been around longer than most of the relatively newer launchers we have available. Here are some of its top features:-

  1. With the launcher, transitions are easier to come up with
  2. It comes with a huge database of elegant themes
  3. It supports icon packs and it evolves to suit your browsing habits, in time
  4. It is pretty stable on a huge variety of android devices
  5. Regular updates

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