Best Android Racing Games Ever

There is nothing as therapeutic and as entertaining as playing any of the best racing games we are about to feature. Click on the hyperlinks to download the official games and get the thrills and spills they come packing.

Asphalt 8: Airborne:

This is one hell of a racing game which comes with insane out-of-this world surreal graphics. It takes a great deal of training, practice and an infinite patience to master the various scenic-looking tracks.

Best Android Racing Games Ever Asphalt

No wonder it has remained to be one of the best android racing games of all time. The game can be played by multi-players and it can also be enjoyed with online competitors. One caution though: Be on the lookout for the so-called infected players lest you want your car exploding in a ball of flames.

Beach Buggy Blitz:

In stark contrast with Asphalt, this game is more relaxed but just as addictive. The game is not as competitive and as enduring to the players as many of the best racing games are.

Best Android Racing Games Ever Beach Buggy Blitz

Your core objectives takes you through progressive stages and check-points located on an ideal tropical beach. Win races and use the money to progressively upgrade or ‘pimp’ out your buggy. The main obstacles to avoid driving into include huts, animals and of course the other competitors you are up against. The game is super ideal for kids and it is absolutely free of charge.

CSR Racing:

If you happen to be a huge fan of drag races as espoused in that famous racing movie ‘Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift’, then this is just the game for you to sink your teeth into.

Best Android Racing Games Ever CSR Racing

You get ahead in the game voted as one of the best android racing games of all time by simply learning how to time the corners. Points which equate to virtual cash are gotten by your ability to drag and drift in the various courses and tracks. The better you are, the more cash you get to improve and upgrade your car with the best spare parts. With CSR racing timing is everything!

Death Rally:

As the name aptly describes, this game is not meant for the faint hearted amongst us. The game will have you accessorizing your car with all manner of gruesome weapons to take out your fellow competitors with.

Best Android Racing Games Ever Death Rally

Your main objective will be to completely obliterate your opponents on the road as you speed at lightning fast speeds courtesy of the nitrous boosts.

Fast & Furious 6:

Fans of the late main actor of the Fast & Furious movie sequels will take great pride in playing this realistic game. Coming in with cutting edge graphics the game requires you to be one heck of a driver. You must be adept at timing the shifts in gears while at the same time being aware of the engines among other car aspects.

Best Android Racing Games Ever Fast & Furious 6

Use your winnings to upgrade your car in the career mode so that you can be able to put up a solid challenge when facing the advanced levels opponents. In addition, the game which happens to be one of the best Android racing games of all time comes with a relatively relaxed option wherein you simply get to cruise around in your car and perfect your drifting techniques along the meandering obstacle courses.

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