6 hormones liable for weight gain in women

Hormones are an envoy in our body that gives commands to our cells to do act in meticulous. They are chemicals that contrive by glands and then liberated into the blood stream. Most cells take no notice of the hormone but when it crossways the right one its chemical message is read, and the cell performs what is has told to do so. It is commonly meant to keep the body execution and in equilibrium.

6 hormones liable for weight gain in women

Weight gain hormones:

Women are usually prone to hormonal disparity, food cravings, slow metabolism and losing weight. However, pre-menstrual syndrome, pregnancy, menopause or daily stress like evils may be the major hurdles one can face. The investigation has unleashed that the desire for food, weight loss and weight gain, metabolism, and female hormones are all tiled.

Women are more defenseless to hormonal disproportion than men are. Hormones, thus impinge on women of all epoch and has a great collision on their organic cycle, nevertheless conclusion shows that the hormones are responsible for weight gain in women.

6 diverse modes of hormones responsible for weight gain in women are:


This hormone is a male hormone; various women undergo a hormonal disorder-Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). This augments the stage of testosterone, which guides a channel to weight gain, menstrual disarray, facial hair, bad skin, and barrenness. Testosterone is liable for muscle mass in women, another hormone responsible for weight gain in women. Lower levels of testosterone whilst menopause results in declining of metabolic rate, which accordingly results in weight gain.

Thyroid Hormone:

This hormone provides Paucity of thyroid gland usually prevails chiefly in women; Hypothyroidism is accountable for weight gain the women may have. The effect of the thyroid is directly proportional to the calories rate we burn. The symptoms are inclusive of fatigue, cold, weight gain, constipation, and dry skin. When a diminishing metabolic rate occurs, the weight is increased. A known fact, thyroid deficiency can affect the body’s metabolism. If any of the above-mentioned signs you are showing, had a better rush to a doctor, thyroid tests will be on prescription and after viewing the reports, the doctor will be in a better state to judge.


This hormone pioneers in altering and dilapidated to low rank when a woman crosses the threshold and enters her mid-thirties. When menopause state arrives, there is a dwindling in the echelon of progesterone in our body. Less level of this hormone is not the evil, however; it roots to water withholding and distend in women, seeming as weight gain.


The dearth of estrogen instigates the carb, despite all this its excess will head to insulin tribulations. Estrogen is the feminine sex hormone whilst menopause, the estrogen plunges down, thus resulting in weight gain. The obesity is escorted when the fat cells which are a further source of estrogen that translate the calories into fats. Populace view that weight gain is due to estrogen whereas; estrogen’s deficiency conducts weight gain. Estrogen amplifies the sympathy of muscle and fat to the hormone insulin, resulting in lowering insulin and restoring fat deposits.


Such hormone stores fats in the body-shaped by the pancreas. Its function is to seize the nutrients from the blood stream and stockpile them in the body’s cell. The bona fide dilemma starts when starchy of sugary edibles are chomp through. A Larger sum of sugar suspects in more glucose and thus more insulin is entail to coerce the glucose in the corpse tissues. Therefore, massive amount levels of insulin pilot to weight gain.

Stress Hormone or Cortisol:

One of the foremost hormone responsible for weight gain in women, in non-professional language; weight gain is associated with an additional offender; the stress hormone cortisol. An elevated level of cortisol directs to rise in a craving and ensuing gaining of weight. Stress and be short on sleep are two origins of towering cortisol plane in the blood. Thus, the rampage of cortisol level in the blood leads to hunger and weight gain.

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