Does Green Tea Help in Weight Loss And Boost Your Metabolism?

All of us have seen the spike in green tea consumption by people all around us. This ancient Japanese tea has gained popularity for its properties to help weight loss. But does Green Tea really help in weight loss and boost your metabolism? Yes! Research shows that the catechin polyphenols which are found in green tea contribute in boosting metabolism.

Does Green Tea Help is Weight Loss

Metabolism is the rate at which the body expends energy, energy is derived from the fat we store in our bodies. Hence higher your metabolic rate, higher is the rate at which the fat in your body is utilized. Low metabolic rate is often devastating to lose weight as you will have to work much more to lose a few calories. Research has shown that green tea extract improves your metabolism by 4% over a short period of time. How does green tea do this?

Green Tea And Glucose Regulation:

Green tea regulates the glucose content in your blood. It works towards prevention of conversion of glucose into fat cells. It prevents the increase in blood sugar levels after a meal.

Green Tea and Appetite:

An experiment conducted on rats showed that, there was a 20% weight loss after injecting green tea extract. This is because green tea controls and reduces the appetite. Reduction is appetite logically results in weight loss.

Green Tea And Coffee:

With the most popular go to drink being coffee, green tea acts as an effective substitute for our morning beverage. Coffee comes with spoonsful of sugar, cream, milk and so on which contribute to the calorie count. Green tea on the other hand can be enjoyed plain or with a spoon of honey. This is a contributor in metabolism and weight loss but this cannot be used as your stand-alone solution

Green Tea And Anti-Oxidants:

Anti-oxidants are those substances that oxidize the free oxygen radicles in your body. These radicles have an adverse effect on your skin and make you age faster. Green tea is known to have anti-oxidizing properties that help you young and fit.

However, green tea is not as magical a drink as it seems. It does promote boosting your metabolism and weight loss. For starters one has to consume at least four cups of green tea to see visible effects within a reasonable period of time. Maintaining a healthy diet and exercise will go a long way towards weight loss, green tea will help towards that effort.

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