The Best Forum Software 2015 Free & Paid Editions

It really doesn’t matter whether you are in it for the sake of setting up your own online forum website. It changes very little if you are here to get a nice comparison review article about the best forum software be it free or paid-for. One thing is certain: our vast experience in picking out the best software’s as evident from the countless successful forum websites we work with, will make sure you get solid advice to help you reach your desired goals.

Being the good guys we are going to sample the first free best forum software first.

The Free Simple Machines Forum:

This software is developed using the computer languages PHP and MYSQL. It is powered by the Server Side Includes-SSI’s- technology and it is responsible for the complete control of the conversations threads on the customizable interface. Adding new themes and being in total control of the database makes it the number one most sought-out after forum software. It takes a few minutes at most to go from downloading the most updated software version to fully installing it and finally, to set up your very own community of web users on your forum. The support stuff and customer care services of SMF software’s are great and very reliable.

vBulletin Is A Masterpiece:

Now let us pay some bills. A masterpiece of an innovation in the lucrative world of the best forum software’s goes by the name vBulletin. The cost to acquire a license for the vBulletin 5 Connect starts at $209 for the new version and $249 for the updated version, according to the latest information as provided by their official web page.

vBullentin the Best Forum Software 2015 Free

Awe-Inspiring Features & More:

Make no rash mistake, however, that the services and the features inbuilt in the software’s by far out price the money spent on acquiring them. The software has made so many wealthy individuals, no lie. And, as a matter of fact, not even to mention how some of the high-end forum software’s come with a jaw-dropping price tag of $400 namely the vBulletin 5 Connect + Mobile suite Bundles. To illustrate, how say we mention the fact that users with this package get to own a mobile app for their forum sites, how impressive is that?

The Best Forum Software 2015 Free vBullentin forum features

Other outstanding reasons that led us to conclude that the paid vBulletin Forum Software is without a doubt the best forum software in 2015 are and include:-

  • Easy to integrate social media functionality
  • The auto-suggests functionality makes it easier to get more on-demand content
  • It has an impressive handling of photos and video content
  • It is designed to be responsive for a wide berth of gadgets and devices
  • The customer care experience is an 8-out-of-10 and 2 thumbs
  • It has in-built SEO functionality
  • A secure supporting cloud serving as a real-time hosting server.

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