Eye Exercises for Glaucoma

1: Glaucoma and its brief introduction

Our eyes are the greatest blessings of god. Living without them is completely unimaginable; Glaucoma is something which can cause permanent blindness.

2: If not cured at the time, it can deprive you of your vision for once and for all.

3: It is also called as the Silent eye disease. Through elevation of blood pressure in the eyes the optic nerve gets damaged.

4: If you are suffering from Glaucoma and want to prevent it then these exercises for glaucoma are very helpful for you

Eye Exercises for GlaucomaExercises for Glaucoma:

Following are the exercises for glaucoma which can help you treat glaucoma:


  • It is one of the most used and popular technique to cure glaucoma.
  • It definitely improves the condition of your eyes for quite some time.
  • It does so by helping in stimulating the tissues located in the anterior chamber of your eye.
  • To conduct the exercises for glaucoma, your room should be dark. Inhale and switch the light on. After exhaling turn the lights off.
  • Follow the same procedure for like thirty minutes every day.

Eye Massage

  • Eye massage is the cure for many eye diseases as it releases stress. It can also bring your dark circles to an end. It is perfect exercises for glaucoma patients.
  • Massage your eyes but placing your fingers on your eyes and massage your eyes in a circular motion.
  • Don’t open your eyes while you are massaging them.
  • Don’t apply too much pressure while massaging.
  • Afterwards, place your thumb below your eyebrows and press for 4 seconds. Let it go. Repeat the process.
  • This exercise for glaucoma would definitely give you good results.


  • Another exercise which you can try is called as palming.
  • These exercises for glaucoma can be performed anywhere and at any time.
  • Keep your eyes closed and perform this exercise by placing your palms on your eyes. Don’t put too much pressure, gently massage your eyes. It will release the stress of your eyes.

The Isokinetic Exercises

  • Isokinetic exercise is mandatory if you really want to get rid of Glaucoma.
  • These exercises for glaucoma are very similar to aerobic exercises.
  • The key difference is that these exercises as compared to aerobic exercises are done at a fixed speed rate.

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