10 Dangerous Effects of Skipping Breakfast

There are so many harmful effects of skipping breakfast, but the dangerous effects which would be discussed are extremely noteworthy. We all have heard that century-old adage that says breakfast is the most important meal of the day but unfortunately not all of us take it seriously.

Skipping breakfast:

People actually tend to misunderstand the true value of breakfasts and how they can affect our life in the long run.

10 Dangerous Effects of Skipping Breakfast

The 10 harmful effects of skipping breakfast are as follows:

1: High chances of Type-2 Diabetes

According to a study, it was concluded that people who skip out on breakfast are at a higher risk of developing Type-2 diabetes.
The study was conducted by Harvard University School of Public Health and 46,289 participated in it. The research was conducted for 6 years.

2: Skipping Breakfast can cause weight gain

Yes! You heard it right.

If you are on the Weight loss schedule and you are skipping breakfast, you should think again now.

According to a study and research conducted for the sake of checking out the outcomes of breakfast skipping, it was found out that people who missed their morning meals had higher chances of gaining weight and become bulky.

Skipping breakfasts increase your cravings for fatty and sugary foods so you end up gorging down whatever you come across during that day.

Let put it in simple words, the more you’re hungry the more food would be consumed.

3: It is bad for your heart

A study suggests that men who skip their breakfast have about 27% more chances of experiencing a heart attack than the ones who eat breakfast.

Taking your morning meals daily can cut down the risk of heart attack.

4: Impacts mood and energy negatively

Avoiding breakfast put negative effects on your behavior as well.
It affects your energy level too.

Some British research team once did a study on 144 healthy people who underwent an overnight fasting. They were divided into three groups.

One group was given healthy breakfast, the second got only coffee and the third remained deprived of anything.

When the results came, it was found out that the third group showcased highest fatigue levels and poorest memory skills.

5: Increases the risks of cancer

As skipping breakfast’s increases your hunger and therefore, you consume more food during the day time. This causes weight gain and according to Cancer Research UK, overweight persons have a high risk of developing cancer.

6: Impacts cognition

Skipping breakfasts affect your cognitive functioning as well.

7: Worsens hangover

A hangover can be cured by having breakfast in the morning.

8: Affects metabolism

To give your metabolism a jump start you need to have breakfast.

9: Hair loss

Skipping out on breakfast triggers hair loss.

10: Causes Migraines

There are chances that skipping breakfast would result in Migraines.

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