The Most Popular Wedding Styles in the Last 20 Years

Even though the wedding trends often just come and go, there definitely are some of them that are still going strong no matter what. Here is a list of the most popular wedding styles in the last 20 years, so check them out and see if there’s something you want to incorporate into your wedding. Just keep on reading and enjoy.

Most Popular Wedding Styles

Wedding gowns: from quirky to timeless and classy

Speaking of the most popular wedding gown styles, we must say that this is a quite difficult task simply because there have been so many different styles. First of all, we must mention wedding gowns that feature the unavoidable asymmetric neckline, which was a huge hit in the 2000s. This style is famous for having a strap on one shoulder only, while the other shoulder is completely bare. This style has been considered very romantic yet a bit quirky at the same time, which is why many brides loved it so much. Apart from it, there was also a boat neckline which has been extremely popular over the last decade – especially among the brides who went for a more modest look. However, we must say that a timeless A-line silhouette is what the majority of brides were striving for. It flatters any figure and emphasizes the curves in the best possible way, which is why it still is one of many brides’ absolute favorites.

Accessories: from over-the-top to delicate and elegant styles

When it comes to the wedding accessories, we can freely say that the new millennium brought so many different styles that were super-popular for quite some time. Glamorous tiaras were the first and the most remarkable pieces many brides were crazy about, and you know what? We can say that tiaras completely stole the show, which means that wedding veils had to take a longer break because of them. Even though tiaras aren’t as popular these days, there are still some brides who want to wear them and achieve a total princess look. Speaking of the ultimate bridal look, it couldn’t be accomplished without crazy, sun-kissed, super-tanned skin, which is why thousands of tanning salons have been on the rise during the last two decades. Apart from these, brides also loved to use self-tanning creams and sprays that gave them a bronzed appearance. As for the engagement rings, these started to gain momentum in the 2000s and the rule said ‘the bigger, the better’. Things are a bit different now when the brides love to pick a delicate set of earrings and a matching necklace that complement her engagement ring in the best possible way. If that’s your thing, too, just shop fine jewelry online and complete your bridal look in no time!

Ceremony: minimalist ceremonies on the rise

Last but certainly not least, the wedding ceremony itself hasn’t significantly changed over the last two decades. First of all, a classic yet luxurious tent is still a number one trend, and it represents a fantastic choice for outdoor weddings. It will contribute to an overall romantic atmosphere similar to those in fairy-tales – especially when decorated properly. This means that distracting décor should be avoided at all costs simply because it puts focus on the interior itself rather than on the bride and the groom. This is why the neutral color palette has always been a good choice – it will allow you to pay more attention to details instead of being overwhelmed with too many flashing colors and other aspects that attract attention. Pastel shades have always been a good choice, as well as decorating the venue with freshly picked flowers that perfectly fit into the wedding theme. Of course, we must also say that people have always honored tradition – if not completely, then at least to some extent. Recreating their parents’ or grandparents’ wedding photos or venues is very personal, as well as wearing your mom’s or grandmother’s wedding dress, so bear that in mind as well and you won’t make a mistake!

As you can see, there are so many wedding styles that were popular over the last 20 years. Some of them aren’t in trend any longer, whereas some of them are here to stay, which is why many brides are embracing them and gladly incorporating them into their wedding ceremonies. All you need to do is to decide what you want on your wedding day, pick the best trends that go well with your theme, and stick to them no matter what. That’s the key to success!

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