The Pros and Cons of Buying a Truck With a Diesel Engine

The Pros and Cons of Buying a Truck With a Diesel Engine

Whether you want to buy a truck for business reasons—towing, hauling, or otherwise—or like the idea of having a powerful vehicle, there’s a truck out there for you. But before you start shopping, consider the following pros and cons of buying a truck with a diesel engine. While diesel trucks have their advantages, they come with a few drawbacks and restrictions as well. Carefully review these tips and insights on diesel trucks so that you can make a more informed decision!

What Is Diesel?

Before we begin, it’s important to fully understand what diesel fuel is and how it is different from regular gasoline. Manufacturers make diesel fuel from crude oil. Through a distillation process, they separate different parts of the crude oil from one another. Ethane and propane are lighter and rise to the top. The manufacturers can then extract naphtha from crude oil as well and use it to create gasoline. The heaviest hydrocarbons sit at the bottom. These hydrocarbons allow for the creation of diesel fuel. Diesel fuel is much oilier than gasoline, which reduces its evaporation rate, and it boils at much higher temperatures. Diesel is a much more powerful and efficient fuel, which allows trucks and heavy-duty vehicles to perform better and produce more torque.

Diesel Pros

Now that we know what diesel is, let’s explore what makes diesel-fueled trucks so great. As we’ve touched on, while cars are usually bought for transportation, speed, and status, trucks are desirable because they’re workhorses. They provide strength and power to tow or haul large and heavy objects in their beds or in attached trailers. They’re fuel efficient as well, getting, by some accounts, 30 to 35 percent more miles per gallon than gasoline-powered vehicles. Finally, with regular maintenance and proper care, a diesel-fueled truck can last a very long time.

Diesel Cons

As great as they are, diesel engines don’t come without their drawbacks. The biggest one is cost. Trucks are more expensive than automobiles. Likewise, diesel fuel may be more efficient than gasoline, but it’s pricier as well, even with fewer trips to the gas station. Lastly, diesel trucks require more money to maintain, whether through oil changes, repairs, or part replacements. You’ll need to find a mechanic knowledgeable about diesel engines or learn how to care for the vehicle on your own. Due to their size, trucks may also face problems with parking in cities. And it’s guaranteed you’ll be the go-to person for your friends and family when they need a truck!

The Next Steps

Those are some of the pros and cons of buying a truck with a diesel engine. Ultimately, you should ask how much use you’ll get out of the truck versus the amount of money you invest. If you’re looking for a vehicle that helps with daily jobs involving heavy loads or are an outdoors enthusiast who needs a vehicle, go with a diesel-fueled truck!

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