The Top leading Ecommerce Platforms in 2015

Introduction To ECommerce Platforms:

The Wikipedia defines the top leading ecommerce platforms concept as the trading or the facilitation of trading in products and in services using computer networks, notably the World Wide Web. The Wiki entry also goes ahead to mention that ecommerce may employ platforms like the online shopping websites for direct retail services, platforms dealing with business-to-business buying and selling.

The Top leading E-commerce Platforms in 2015

In addition, it is also common place to find the top leading ecommerce platforms gathering and using demographic data through web contacts and via the social media as well. Finally, there’s also mention of ecommerce platforms facilitating marketing to prospective and to established customers by e-mail using newsletters and so forth.

Huge Growth & Demand For ECommerce Platforms:

In recent years, the ecommerce niche has managed to draw in a huge demand and an even larger following with business and with individuals looking to make a real killing on the internet selling their different products and services.

To that effect, interested ecommerce platform users have one hell of a hard time when trying to finally make up their minds and settle for that one platform that will be the best value for their money. Many of us will struggle frantically and unfortunately a good majority of us end up realizing they made the wrong ecommerce choice platform and they leave and abandon their noble forays and pursuits for good.

Top 5 Award Winning E-Commerce Platforms 2015:

If you happen to have run into some problems and into some difficulties settling on the best platform, today might just be your lucky day. Today, we are here to list and briefly describe the winning points of our top 5 leading ecommerce platforms. Allow us to mention that our final decisions bringing us to settle on the 5 ecommerce sites was guided by deep research on the web and by trying out a good number of options out thereby ourselves.

Some of the outstanding features we are always reminding our readers to be on the constant look out for when deciding on a particular choice of the top 5 leading ecommerce platforms are:-

  1. Ease of use
  2. The cost of the platform
  3. Platforms’ design and appeal
  4. Access to apps and add-ons with the platform
  5. Customer care services and support
  6. Ease of payments and security measures

With that said and to avoid digressing so much from the main mantra that has brought us here in the first place, here are our top 5 leading ecommerce platforms of 2015:-

  1. Shopify
  2. Volusion
  3. Bigcommerce
  4. LemonStand
  5. Woo Commerce

In Conclusion:

There you have it. A list of the top 5 leading ecommerce platforms to surely guarantee you transform your business and innovation dreams and aspirations into certain realities in the least amount of time possible. Check them out and be amazed!

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