The Ultimate Hunting Checklist for Beginners and Professionals

Hunting is one of the most casual and still very much high maintenance hobbies or activities to do when you have time on your hand. Usually, people think that you can decide to go hunting impulsively and have a good trip there. Well, that is not true at all. You need special preparation and a well thought out plan to have a good experience. This article is going to give you the main checklist for your hunting trip and tell you the essential stuff that is needed when you are out hunting.

Hunting Checklist

Build up your stamina

If you are someone who does not have much physical activity incorporated in your daily life, you will need to focus on this point a lot. It is something you prepare yourself for beforehand. You can start with light exercise, brisk walk, jogging, or running regularly to build up your stamina. For hunting, you need to have good health and have a certain level of endurance so that you are active throughout your trip. You will need to walk a lot, or if the place is at an altitude, you might need to trek as well. Besides this, running and other activities require you to be in better health too.

Appropriate Footwear

The track can be coarse and harsh, especially in the hunting grounds. There will be rough terrain, and then sometimes there will be water where you will have to step in, and also there may be long blades of grass that you might have to cross. So, you must wear the right kind of shoes so you can conveniently walk through these problematic lands. Having thick high boots is an essential part of the footwear. It is also crucial because there are insects and poisonous reptiles roaming around freely on the grounds. You need to stay safe from them as well. Also, don’t forget to bring an extra pair of socks as well.

General Accessories

Besides packing a hunting kit where you will have all the necessary tools for the kill, you need a comprehensive accessories kit as well. This kit will include small but valuable items like the first aid kit. You will need hunting knives with the right amount of sharpness, knife sharpeners, matches or lighter, a long rope, water, and flashlight. These items are essential for you on the hunting trip because you do not know what circumstances may befall you. These items will have your back in a routine and especially in an emergency or crisis on the hunting grounds.

Proper Clothing

Having proper clothing is essential, as well. You need to consider the weather as well because you will mostly be under the sky without a roof to shelter you. Your clothes should include camo pants, a jacket, and a hat. This print helps get out of your prey’s sight and not to scare it away. Along with that, sweaters, hunting gloves, raincoat for rainy days, and camo face mask are also some important things to wear or pack with you. Be prepared for any situation and weather into consideration before packing.

There is also a need to pack casual clothing like a shirt, trousers, and a vest to change after hunting and dealing with your kill. Otherwise, you will have to travel back in mud ridden and smelly clothes. They are to keep you clean and pleasant throughout your way back home.


Hygiene comes first and foremost in these cases. You need to be very careful to keep your hands clean and also not to mess up the place after your trip. Now specifically speaking, you will need to have water for cleaning purposes, but make sure you do not waste it. You will need tissues and towels for wiping your hands and while cooking the meals too. Hand sanitizer is also a must to have. You should keep spare newspapers with you as well. These will help you clean up too.

Important Papers

When you are going hunting, which is more often than not out of the skirts of the city, it must be made sure that you have all the necessary documents and papers with you to avoid any trouble or inconvenience. First of all, never forget your ID and your hunter’s permit. You will also need to have the landowner’s permission to hunt on the grounds. If you have come in your car or bike, you should have its official documents with you as well.

All in all, be prepared for any minor or significant inconvenience.

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