Tips To Choose The Right Kind Of Footwear For Hiking

Just like the dress, wearing the right kind of shoe is also of great importance when it comes to hiking. The right kind of shoe will make you feel comfortable especially when going on a hike. Searching for a new pair of hiking boots or shoes, then you should go through the below-mentioned checklist.

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  • You need to consider at first which activity you are going to take part in and when you are going to do it. The correct hiking shoe or boot not only goes with your doings but your foot shape also.
  • Select hiking socks that fit. Here are some tips to consider when choosing hiking socks:
  • In case of broad feet, sport thin hiking socks
  • If you feet is narrow, sport thick hiking socks
  • Wear hiking socks that repel moisture away from your foot
  • Wear hiking socks that hold warmth or insulate around your foot

Besides this, ensure your hiking socks fit cozily however do not tighten the foot. At all times carry backup socks on extended day trips to help the feet stay comfortable and socks dry.

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  • An excellent hiking shoe or boot offers firm support via the curve area. You must not be able to turn hiking shoes at the centre of the boot or shoe but bend at the forefoot of the shoe where your foot curves.
  • Search for hiking shoes and hiking boots with polyurethane midsoles for sturdiness and support. Look for lightweight cushioning in the shoe. If you are not sure about the materials of a shoe talk with the experts about them before you make the purchase and use them while hiking.

Features that you should take into consideration

  • Weight of the boot: Keep in mind that the heavier the boot is, your legs will have to work more.
  • Arch support: Appropriate support would not let your feet even out under pressure, saving you from having pain. With high arches, you may consider buying extra orthotics insoles.
  • Waterproof: Water in the boots is a strict no-no. It will cause odor to build-up, cause blisters and is generally painful. So, include waterproof materials that enable your feet to breathe and allow perspiration get away.
  • Load support: Heavier backpacks necessitate flexibility and sturdiness. A full range of motion is needed but also the kind of guard that will stop the feet from bending forward or too far backward.
  • Injury protection: The most common hiking injuries are stubbed toes and twisted ankles. Thus, the rougher the topography, the more ankle support is needed. Inclined surfaces will cause injury to the toes and thus it is important to choose a hiking boot with enough free room in the toe area.

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