The Walking Dead’s Stars in a Relationship

Walking Dead is one of the popular fictional season whose cast got a huge fan club. So these celebrities continue to remain in the spot light even the shows next premiere is not close. A latest social media glimpse comprise the Emily Kinney which is 29 and her attractive co-star, Norman Reedus whose age is 46 but look no more than 35 new romance.

The Walking Dead’s Stars in a Relationship

The fans seem to be eager on this new couple dating which is still considered to be rumored. Only the diehard fans of the serial The Walking Dead enjoyed the news of Emily and Norman’s new romantic relationship.

It’s now official and the fans are passionate with probable real life Walking Dead couple the only Emily and Norman. Considering the rumors two of them were very friendly on and off set, but now that it’s been exposed that their connection has gone passionate and more than friendship.

Media is saying that the fan’s hearts are just melting with thrilling as the couple seem affectionate with each other on set and on serial’s at conventions. The pictures leaked on the social media shows that the handsome couple find it impossible to keep their hands off of each other.

Particularly Norma in this pair has been very expressive on a number of red carpets, and has taken even some very sweet private photos together on social media over the years. To tease the fan a photo was taken seeming to be kissing as Norman covers their mouths with his hand of giving the fans of an idea of their characters Beth and Daryl coupling up on the show.

The major reveal of this couple is with a cute fan photos that were taken of Emily and Norman when they lately come together at a Walking Dead convention. As the couple look excited to see each other but no one knows that this was a couple, and you can see that Norman is holding Emily up against his body closely as she cloaks her legs around them.

It is now officially in the media that the Norman and Emily are dating, this was considered to be his first relationship after he apparently split from model Cecilia Singly in early 2015.

Though, he has been in a sum of high status relationships, counting longest romance with Helena Christensen. They have a son together but the spark and attraction in the current couple is more strongly feel by the fans.

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