The World’s Biggest Construction Equipment Manufacturers

Construction Equipment Manufacturers

Construction sites need heavy machinery to tackle the big jobs. You want to make sure the equipment you use is safe, reliable, and capable of getting the job done. Here are some of the biggest construction equipment manufacturers and why they’re the best.


Boasting one of the largest heavy-duty loaders available, XCMG is rising as a renowned and reliable manufacturer. This Chinese company is making a splash in the overseas market, and experts agree that we’ll see more of their cranes and backhoes on Western construction sites.

Volvo Construction Equipment

Volvo is better known for their automobiles, but it’s no surprise that their construction equipment ranks so highly. Volvo has a reputation for safe, reliable, comfortable vehicles, and its engineers bring that same level of quality to construction manufacturing. Volvo’s construction equipment is still primarily popular in Europe, but we see them expand overseas with aplomb.

John Deere

When you think of the biggest construction equipment manufacturers, many Americans think of John Deere. This all-American company does its homework when it comes to marketing, with its iconic green equipment and connection with its blue-collar audience. John Deere has the machines to prove their quality, which is why they’ve been in business for over 200 years.


Japan’s Komatsu manufacturing is an absolute juggernaut on the global market. Excelling in heavy construction vehicles and metal presses and tools, Komatsu brings innovation, quality, and personal safety worldwide. Komatsu focuses on developing new machines to adapt to modern solutions.

Caterpillar (CAT)

CAT is practically synonymous with construction equipment. They continue to be at the forefront of the industry. Caterpillar’s multiple engines allow them to meet any needs and tackle problems large and small. Through a combination of engineering and reputation, Caterpillar Construction is the unstoppable king in the field.

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