Things You Need to Know About Flood Insurance in California

California Flood Insurance – Some regions in California like CA, Glendale, and Los Angeles are at the risk of floods. So, buying a good flood insurance cover from a professional provider is an important step to protect your home, family, or place of business.

In collaboration with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), the US government offers flood insurance to regions that are vulnerable to floods. However, one may even choose to buy flood insurance via a private company. 

Is flood insurance included in homeowners’ insurance?

Flood insurance is not needed for homeowners in California; however, it is compulsory by mortgage lenders if your home is within highly flood pone areas. These “special flood hazard areas” are re-evaluated over time and checked through FEMA’s maps for determining whether your house is within a high-risk flood zone. 

A map containing details of California’s flood zones is also good for showing whether to obtain flood insurance of the federally backed mortgage. It is generally the case for regions/zones starting with A or V. So if your house is within a region marked as X, B, or C, it has less than 1% annual chance to flood, so you don’t require flood insurance.  

In case of a flood, damage to your property is not covered by homeowners’ insurance because flooded is generally a named exclusion. So, you’re not likely to get government assistance unless it’s declared as a federal disaster.  

Why you need flood insurance from a good company?

Following are some advantages of purchasing home and flood insurance policy from a good organization:

  • Guaranteed Compensation: Unlike government-based flood insurance coverage, a reputed private flood insurance cover will compensate for your entire loses, as per the terms of their policy. 
  • No Coverage Lapse: By purchasing flood insurance from a good company, your business and home premises will remain protected, as long as you pay the premium on time. 
  • Ease and Flexibility: The qualified and skilled team of agents offers you an affordable and straightforward insurance plan that can be tailored as per your needs to offer you extra convenience and flexibility. 
  • Peace of Mind: In the wake of the devastating incident or weather, the very first thought in your mind is the safety of your family and loved ones. Moreover, you also want your property to be safe to live in even after the natural calamity has passed. With flood insurance, you get the peace of mind, knowing that any damages due to such hazards will be covered by the insurance provider. 

Floods are, typically, unpredictable and may cause severe damage. Even if you’re aware they are coming, you can’t do much to prevent the losses. Therefore, flood insurance is a safe decision. However, make sure you purchase flood insurance only from the best flood insurance companies in California.

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