Why Silk Eye Mask For Sleeping Is A Perfect Choice

A good night’s sleep sets the tone for the rest of the day. The morning shows the day, they say, but the comfort of sleep the night before sets it better. We know how important it is to get our beauty rest to wake up to a healthy body and mind.

silk eye mask for sleeping

Any lack in those 7-8 hours of recommended sleep can play cruel tricks to our physical, mental and emotional health. Drowsy feeling, heavy-headedness, and lethargy are only some of the most common side-effects of sleep deprivation. It is when a silk eye mask comes into play to show its worth.

What Does The Silk Eye Mask Do?

Even at night, there is a corner of the eye where pesky streetlight or a faint ray from the nigh lamp manages to creep in. It is disconcerting, and something as little as that can delay sleep and cause discomfort. This is when the eye mask is useful as it covers the entire eye region for overall coverage from light. It creates a barrier from the light so that the eyes can rest peacefully and repair themselves after a long, tiring day. Thus, a silk eye mask for sleeping proves to be a perfect choice.

Why Should ‘Silk’ Be Preferred Over The Others?

Silk is a natural fabric because of which its composition need not be questioned for the health of one’s skin. A silk eye mask is preferred over the others because of its natural softness. The skin around the eyes is fragile and sensitive. Any abrasion around it can result in prominent consequences which is why people feel most comfortable using a silk eye mask for sleeping.

With people becoming more and more environmentally friendly nowadays and rightly so, it is necessary to make sure that we all do our part even in the smallest of ways. In contrast to the synthetic materials, silk is natural and thus, biodegradable.

As a result, it can be easily broken down by the environment. Its hypoallergenic property makes it suitable for people who have an extra-sensitive eye area. People who are averse to using eye masks because of the harsh redness that arises post it can go for a silk eye mask for sleeping.

Silk can absorb about 30% of its weight in moisture without dampening itself. It soothingly hydrates the eyes and does not take away the moisture content from it. This boost of hydration qt the time of sleeping keeps the eye area supple and free from dark circles and puffiness. Thus, a silk eye mask has as many beauty benefits as it does for health.

This fabric has a breathable composition. It is because of this feature that eyes can get an adequate amount of air. It does not cut off the air circulation to the eyes. The stuffy discomfort is avoided as a result of it.

Also, it does not hurt that it has a resistive body, and it does not lack its luster and lusciousness even after being soaked in water multiple times. A combination of these features makes the silk eye mask a perfect choice for sleeping.

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